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Bay Materials Announces Zendura® FLX™ Thermoformable Material for Orthodontic Clear Aligner Therapy Appliances

Bay Materials Announces Zendura® FLX™ Thermoformable Material for Orthodontic Clear Aligner Therapy Appliances

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FREMONT, Calif., Nov. 28, 2018

FREMONT, Calif., Nov. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Bay Materials LLC, the industry leader in high performance thermoformable plastic materials for orthodontic clear aligner therapy, today announced the commercial release of Zendura® FLX™, an entirely new and unique material engineered specially for fabricating clear aligner appliances.  

Studies show that clear aligner therapy continues to grow rapidly in the U.S. and internationally spurred by public demand for a more comfortable and satisfying method of orthodontic treatment.

The latest addition to Bay's growing portfolio of clear aligner therapy materials, FLX provides patients with greater initial comfort, making the whole orthodontic treatment significantly more patient friendly, while also delivering teeth movement force superior to other commercially available aligner materials. FLX's greater elasticity allows it to more easily accommodate the use of engagers and treat a wider range of cases.

Zendura FLX generates 40% less initial force than earlier generation materials, providing greatly improved patient comfort and acceptance. FLX also retains 150% more orthodontic force after a normal wear period than competitive materials. Taken together, FLX's many standout features make it the new benchmark in performance and durability.

Engineered by a team of world-class material scientists to provide the optimum balance of elasticity, force retention, durability and clarity, the secret to FLX's superior performance is its elastomeric layer encased in a dual shell construction. The thin, rigid shells grip the teeth evenly and firmly, while the elastomeric layer applies gentle yet consistent, continual pressure to move teeth reliably and predictably over the prescribed period of time. The dual rigid shells also provide protection from bruxing.

"FLX is not intended to replace our standard Zendura material for fabricating orthodontic appliances," said Dr. Ray Stewart, founder and CEO of Bay Materials. "It will be the ideal aligner material for many cases, while our standard Zendura may be the better material for other cases. Our standard Zendura will remain unrivaled as a post-treatment retainer material."

FLX features a proprietary 3-layer design and is 0.030" (0.76mm) in thickness.

"Bay Materials' Zendura FLX aligner material appears to be light years ahead of the competition," said Kjeld Aamodt, DDS, MS. "My patients love it because its flexibility makes it more comfortable on day one of every stage and it stays virtually invisible. Not only is FLX best-in-class in clarity and stain resistance — you just can't see it — but also the material's teeth movement force and other physical properties allow my cases to track more predictably and reliably. I love what I'm seeing."

About Bay Materials

Bay Materials, founded in 2000, is a Silicon Valley-based polymer materials company engaged in manufacturing and marketing advanced materials for the orthodontic industry. Its Zendura brand of material is widely regarded as the best commercially available clear thermoplastic material for fabricating orthodontic clear aligners and post-treatment retainers.

Bay Materials also provides materials-intensive product development services for select companies. For more information, please visit and

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