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Trividia Health Delivering Essential Diabetes-Related Products and Programs to Help the People of Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Trividia Health, Inc., is a global consumer health and wellness company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced performance products for people with diabetes, including a broad portfolio of blood glucose monitoring supplies and technologies. With over 30 years of experience and dedication, Trividia Health continues to expand globally with the goal of helping the millions of people with diabetes maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When devastating Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, it not only flattened the island, leaving many without power and water, it left those with special needs without help, including people with diabetes who represent approximately 500,000 people of the total Puerto Rican population. During the reconstruction of the island, access to resources and supplies have been significantly limited.

Trividia Health is doing its part to ensure that people with diabetes maintain good health during the reconstruction period by taking a dual approach, education and providing access to necessary testing supplies. The company is launching an awareness campaign to educate people with diabetes on the importance of regular blood glucose level testing, keeping blood glucose levels in control and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. The campaign will deliver key messaging through a variety of media, such as billboards, magazines, TV and radio to elevate awareness and stress the importance of diabetes management.

“Promoting awareness and the importance of frequent testing is fundamental to helping people with diabetes maintain good health during this stressful time,” said Scott Verner, President and CEO of Trividia Health. “Trividia Health is committed to Puerto Rico,” continued Verner.

Concurrently, Trividia is partnering with healthcare professionals, diabetes associations and pharmacies to execute educational initiatives and free product outreach programs. Post Hurricane Maria programs promoting testing, good health and product availability were limited. Trividia Health donated blood glucose monitoring meters and strips to medical schools and physician groups doing voluntary work across the island where medical resources were limited. Trividia also donated several hundred meters and test strips to summer camps to aid children with testing needs. People with diabetes in Puerto Rico are gaining access to a cutting-edge product. TRUE METRIX® Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems achieve a level of performance driven by science, research and technological advancements. The meter, a complex algorithm, test strip chemistry and electrodes, work together as part of the TRUE METRIX® system to produce accurate results. Featuring TRIPLE SENSE TECHNOLOGY®, the system detects, analyzes and corrects for environmental and physiological variability, including hematocrit and temperature, resulting in precise, proven accuracy.

TRUE METRIX® Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems exceed the EN ISO 15197:2015 minimum criteria for accuracy with 99% of results within ISO limits.

With TRUE METRIX® Accuracy is confidence.

“There are lots of blood glucose meters in the market. However, there are only few meters that give precise results. This is very important, otherwise the patient can inject incorrect doses of insulin. It is extremely important for me that my patients use a reliable meter. This is why I recommend TRUE METRIX® to my patients,” said Carlos A. Leyva Jordán, MD - Pediatric Endocrinologist in Puerto Rico.

Trividia Health is committed to helping manage diabetes in Puerto Rico. By developing products that deliver outstanding high-performance, quality and value, we strive to meet the needs of every person with diabetes.


Trividia Health, Inc., is a global health and wellness company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced performance products for people with diabetes. With products sold under TRUE and store brand labels, the company is the exclusive partner and supplier of affordable, high-quality blood glucose monitoring and health and wellness solutions for the world’s leading retail pharmacies, distributors and mail service providers. For more information, please visit:

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Last Updated: 28-Nov-2018