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reVessel Announces Pre-Sale of Eco-Friendly, Toxin-Free Food Containers

reVessel Announces Pre-Sale of Eco-Friendly, Toxin-Free Food Containers A conscious brand designing innovations to prep, store and conveniently transport food for a dynamic life on-the-go.

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SAN DIEGO, Nov. 29, 2018

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- /reVessel/-  reVessel, a new company, is redefining the world of food container systems. Today, they announced the pre-sale of an original food container set that offers consumers a versatile, healthy and planet-friendly alternative to transport and store food. This limited quantity pre-order window opens for the flagship product release known as the Adventure Kit, a 13-piece travel-ready food storage solution for a no-spill, modular lunchbox, bakeware and food storage all-in-one. Inspired by health, sustainability, and adventure, the stainless steel and silicone set replaces old Tupperware, heavy glass jars, plastic bags, and containers. Pre-orders lock in a special pre-sale price, free shipping on first shipments expected summer 2019.

Like so many transformative, breakthrough products, reVessel was born from a need to address what was lacking in the market. Co-Founders, Jessica and Eddie Bell envision a world where plastic no longer threatens human and environmental health. Mindful consumers demand design advances with greater functionality, versatility, durability, and higher quality materials. The purpose-driven brand aims to inspire virtuous interactions with food to shape a sustainable future for humans and the planet, adopting principles from brand-favorites like Patagonia and Klean Kanteen.

"While preparing pure and simple meals, we encountered a need for a safer, more efficient way to cook, store and transport food, especially lunches and dinners on-the-go. I wanted more healthy homemade meals while enjoying our on-the-go life," says Jessica.

The pair wanted to cut down on the average 4.2 meals eaten out per week, the 873 single-use plastic take-out containers families use yearly and stem the production of plastics in the last decade that's exceeded all of the 20th-century. Findings from Endocrine research reveal the lasting deleterious effects plastic have on health. Moreover, according to the latest study from Medical University of Vienna 50% percent of us have microplastics in our guts due to contact with these plastic materials. reVessel is fighting these stats with products that guard against plastic exposure, curbing single-use dependencies while making storing and transporting food easier.

"Products designed for obsolescence ends here," said Jessica. reVessel crafts scalable products that last for decades with greater functionality so more can be done with less. Adventure Kit pre-sales is part of creating a circular economy to address our urgent need to have practical tools to shift habits toward ethical consumption.

About reVessel
Based in San Diego, reVessel is a sustainable brand focusing on consciously designing products to better prepare, store, and carry food without compromising the environment or values. Co-Founders, Jessica and Eddie Bell, created the company based on their health journeys and desire to have safer options to bake, to freeze, and to carry their food to the office, their children's schools, beach, and on their road trips. reVessel's products are tested to be leak-proof and submersible. Additionally, each unit is reusable, modular, toxin-free and eco-friendly, replacing the 500 sandwich bags the average American consumes each year. These containers add functionality to meals and a convenient way to say no to single-use plastics and be part of the ripple effect of a sustainable change.

Jessica Bell, Co-Founder and CEO reVessel
Phone: 408-781-4512


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