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VivaLNK Rolls Out New E-Commerce Options for Top Wearable Products, Fever Scout and Vital Scout

VivaLNK Rolls Out New E-Commerce Options for Top Wearable Products, Fever Scout and Vital Scout Vital Scout now available on Amazon and holiday promotions underway across e-commerce options

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CAMPBELL, Calif., Dec. 3, 2018

CAMPBELL, Calif., Dec. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- VivaLNK, a leading provider of connected healthcare solutions, is making sure health is on everyone's holiday wish list this season with the launch of new e-commerce options and deals. VivaLNK's wearable devices combine the power of precise healthcare data and continuous monitoring to equip consumers with a complete package of vital health information.

Special deals for the holiday season include:

  • A Buy One, Get One Free promotion of VivaLNK's Fever Scout, with a total savings of more than $65
  • $99 limited time offer of its newest product, Vital Scout, as it officially launches on Amazon
  • A Vital Scout and Fever Scout bundle on Vital Scout's website for only $149

Fever Scout is a reusable, soft wearable patch that measures temperature and wirelessly sends updates and information via smartphone. The patch continuously monitors, even during sleep, and allows users to set temperature thresholds at which to be notified, especially in the case of monitoring a sick child. Most common applications of the patch include post-op fevers, flu infections, child fever, and drug effects.

Vital Scout uses medical grade electrocardiography sensors and established heart rate variability (HRV) algorithms to accurately measure the body's stress response to the physiological impacts of daily activities. This personalized information is important, as not everyone reacts to stress the same way. The size of a small bandage, Vital Scout is worn on the chest, comfortably and discreetly under clothing, providing a higher fidelity signal for determining HRV. In addition, it provides other health information consumers have come to expect in a health wearable, such as heart and respiratory rates, activity insights and sleep levels.

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About VivaLNK

VivaLNK is a provider of connected healthcare devices for wellness, patient care, and telemedicine. The company's portfolio includes wearable medical grade devices and data analytics applications that continuously monitor the health and well-being of individuals. The company's vision is to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare worldwide by combining technology, data, and analytics into an integrated solution.

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