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CareDox Grows 200 Percent Year-Over-Year; Delivers Tech And Healthcare Services To 59 New K-12 Districts And 2,200 Schools This Year

CareDox Grows 200 Percent Year-Over-Year; Delivers Tech And Healthcare Services To 59 New K-12 Districts And 2,200 Schools This Year

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NEW YORK, Dec. 4, 2018

NEW YORK, Dec. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CareDox, the nation's largest provider of healthcare software and services for K-12 school districts, today announced that it added 59 new K-12 school district contracts across eight states for the 2018-2019 school year. This rapid expansion includes 2,233 new individual schools and more than 1.59 million new student health records. The new contract wins bring the total number of schools contracted with CareDox for health records management technology and wellness services, including in-school flu vaccinations, to 7100 schools and more than 4.9 million students' health records.

"Despite near-universal health insurance coverage, our nation's school-age children aren't getting the care they need. One half of children in this country don't get an annual wellness check-up, asthma hospitalizations are at an epidemic level, and 44 percent don't get a flu vaccination each year, due in part to limited access and the inconvenience of having to visit a pediatrician for simple wellness services," said Hesky Kutscher, CEO of CareDox. "We are working with districts and insurers to change these statistics by delivering reimbursed wellness services in school – including more than 400,000 flu shots this year alone."

CareDox works with more than 850 trained nurses who visit individual schools and administer wellness services, and the CareDox technology platform is used by thousands of school nurses to digitally manage these services and other instances of care throughout the year. In fact, the CareDox technology platform replaces schools' historical use of paper records. By allowing school nurses, administrators and parents to digitally manage a student's care online, it significantly reduces time spent managing a student's healthcare.

And with the increase in chronic conditions among school-age children – conditions like asthma and diabetes – it's critical to capture details of visits to the school nurse and maintain complete and timely tracking of chronic sickness. CareDox's platform is helping school nurses manage 380,000 chronic conditions among 270,000 students. Further, there are more than 50,000 care management plans maintained in the CareDox system.

The CareDox platform and training for school nurses and health professionals are both provided free of charge to schools. And schools and individual students are not charged any fee for CareDox's services, as each vaccination or wellness exam is reimbursed by a student's individual health plan. CareDox maintains 61 individual contracts with payers across eight states. In the event that a service isn't covered, CareDox absorbs the cost.

"K-12 students spend an average of 14 percent of their waking hours in school by the time they are 18 years old[1], where school nurses play a critical role in managing an increasing number of complex chronic medical conditions like asthma and diabetes. Yet, most schools don't have a digital records management platform, nor the nursing resources to manage demand for health services on site," said Tony Boselli, president of CareDox. "By combining our health services with a much-needed digital health records platform for K-12 districts, CareDox is filling a long-standing gap in the nation's management of pediatric health."

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About CareDox
CareDox is the leader in pediatric healthcare technology and services aimed at transforming the most consistent health delivery system in the U.S.; K-12 public schools. The company's health records management technology houses more than 4.9 million student health records, and its  unique, no-cost wellness services, including in-school flu vaccinations, are in operations in more than 7100 schools. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in New York City. To learn more about CareDox and how they work with schools and payers, please visit


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