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HairClone: A Unique Start-up Developing Personalised Cell Replacement Therapies to Reverse Hair Loss

HairClone ( has a growing clinical partner and banking associate network of leading hair transplant surgeons across the globe who are so convinced of the promise of this approach they are helping to fund scientists in the UK and US. Already over 100 million people are within 50 miles of a network clinic.

The most common type of hair loss in men and women (androgenetic alopecia) is caused by the affected hair follicles losing their natural regenerative abilities, causing them to miniaturise, producing the appearance of thinning hair.

HairClone is developing a treatment to replace these lost cells. A few of a patient’s non-affected follicles will be harvested in a simple out-patient procedure. Potent cells will be isolated from these follicles, multiplied in the laboratory, and micro-injected into the affected part of the scalp with the intention of rejuvenating the hair shafts, making them thicker and longer.

A later treatment, currently in the research phase, will involve the creation of brand new hairs for individuals who have clear baldness and already lost large amounts of hair.

Hairclone is expected to start the world’s first hair follicle bio-bank in early 2019. Bio-banking will allow patients to store a small number of their hair follicles at the earliest age. These will then be used as the patient needs treatment.

HairClone’s Medical Director, Dr. Bessam Farjo, said “Being part of a venture like HairClone allows me to tap into the type of treatments that can contribute to the future of hair restoration, treating a whole category of patients that I cannot help now. For younger men and women where hair is deteriorating, this first treatment will hopefully rejuvenate these hairs so they will never go bald”.

HairClone’s CEO, Dr Paul Kemp, said “There are significant data to support the potential of these treatments and we have considerable track record in the development of cell therapies. I am excited to be part of this partnership of some of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world. Their insight, experience and funding will help our mission to “make hair loss history”

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Last Updated: 04-Dec-2018