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Rael applauds the birth of first gene-edited babies

Rael applauds the birth of first gene-edited babies

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LAS VEGAS, Dec. 4, 2018

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- "Gene editing was inevitable and announced 45 years ago by Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, as the way to improve the human race as a whole, irrespective of race, ethnicity or religion," said Brigitte Boisselier PhD, spokesperson of the Raelian Movement, following the recent announcement of the birth of a pair of genetically edited twin girls by Chinese scientist, He Jiankui. 

Rael has explained that this gene modification is a wonderful technology that will not lead to the creation of an elite or "superior race," but rather to the improvement of all Humanity.  

"'Ethically concerned' scientists are afraid that some modifications could be 'dangerous for the future of Humanity' while each day millions of people have babies with genetic diseases caused from drugs—medical or not—alcohol, tobacco, nuclear radiations (Fukushima), pollution and, more importantly, from stress," said Rael.  "And to worry that very few children being genetically modified—for the better—will have an impact on the future of Humanity is laughable," he continued.

Rael added that for those who say that only chance or 'god' should determine whether the genetic disease from which I suffer should be passed on to my children or not is a highly irresponsible and criminal attitude.  He also commented on the fact that this major advance came from China. 

"China, as the largest country in the world, doesn't care about Judeo-Christian prejudices. Because of that they will become the world's best in this field.  They are the future in every discipline and should have always been without the barbaric colonialism and vandalism of the past from Europe."

Rael will soon celebrate the 45th anniversary of his first encounter with a representative of the scientists who created all forms of life on Earth. 

"Once scientists realize that our DNA was conceived by other scientists and not by chance or by an almighty god, it will open their perception and widen their research in a way that they can't anticipate yet," explained Boisselier.  "We can't wait for biologists and biochemists to finally get it as it is inevitable."

The celebration will take place in Okinawa, Japan, from December 12 to December 15. Hundreds of Raelians from all continents are expected to attend while celebrations will also take place in most cities around the world on December 13.


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