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United Spinal Reflects on the Leadership of President George H.W. Bush in Signing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990

United Spinal Reflects on the Leadership of President George H.W. Bush in Signing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990

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NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2018

NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- United Spinal Association mourns the passing of George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, who played a significant role in protecting the rights of millions of Americans living with disabilities.

"The disability community had a great friend and supporter in President George H.W. Bush. His support promoted bipartisan efforts to get the Americans with Disabilities Act [ADA] passed," said James Weisman, president and CEO of United Spinal Association.

On July 26, 1990, in front of a throng of people with disabilities assembled on the White House lawn, Bush signed the ADA into law.

The ADA protects the civil rights of individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities, enabling them to participate fully in their communities, compete effectively for jobs, travel easily, and gain access to the goods and services that most Americans take for granted.

Approximately 57 million Americans have a disability covered by the ADA.

Bush, who served as president from 1989 to 1993, distinguished himself when running for President by supporting the ADA, which had been introduced while he served for eight years as Vice President under President Ronald Reagan.

United Spinal is proud to be a part of the legacy of the ADA. United Spinal has used the ADA to improve mass transit and taxi accessibility, strengthen employment opportunities for people with disabilities, and advance wheelchair access to New York City with the installation of curb ramps on all City streets. It has also fought to improve seating access at public venues and arenas.

"The ADA raised the expectations and aspirations of people with disabilities and the awareness of the public about the needs and rights of people with disabilities. The President lifted his pen and said, 'let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down.' We are thankful for his vision, courage and moral clarity," added Weisman.

About United Spinal Association
United Spinal is a national 501(c) (3) nonprofit membership organization formed in 1946 by paralyzed veterans and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Americans with spinal cord injuries and disorders (SCI/D), including multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, ALS and post-polio. United Spinal has played a significant role in writing the Americans with Disabilities Act and made important contributions to the Fair Housing Amendments Act and the Air Carrier Access Act. Membership is free and is open to all individuals with SCI/D. United Spinal was instrumental in getting New York City to create sidewalk curb ramps and accessible public transportation that has been used as a model for many United States cities.

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