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A Call for Greater Transparency in Healthcare Revealed in Study by Storm ID

A Call for Greater Transparency in Healthcare Revealed in Study by Storm ID

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EDINBURGH, Scotland, December 6, 2018

EDINBURGH, Scotland, December 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

UK citizens are embracing digital health, but want more control over their data 

Lenus surveyed over 500 adults in the UK to uncover attitudes toward digital health. The second annual report analysed three key themes:

  • smartphones, devices and wearables
  • health data privacy
  • artificial intelligence

The results uncovered two clear stories.

The first; those with long-term conditions, such as COPD and diabetes, are willing and able to track their own health with technology, and this is set to grow in the coming year.

The second; trust in healthcare professionals has improved over the last year, however people want more control over who and what has access to the data they generate.  

The findings highlight a clear correlation between those that own wearables and have long-term conditions. 35-54 year olds are most likely to own a wearable, such as a smartwatch, and have more long-term conditions than any other age group. This demographic also use wearables and other connected devices to track vital health metrics, such as weight, heart rate and blood pressure more than any other age group, which demonstrates their receptiveness to digital health.

The results found that trust in healthcare professionals has increased dramatically since last year. Those who agree they would share their health data with a professional to improve quality of care has increased by 98%.

While this dramatic increase in trust may be surprising in the wake of recent data privacy scandals, there has been a noticeable rise in the number of people who believe they should be in control of who can access their health data, with those who agree increasing by 52% and those who disagree falling by 94%.

This trust is also reflected in attitudes toward machine learning in healthcare, as nearly half of all respondents would be comfortable sharing their health data with AI to improve the quality of their care. The younger generation are more open to this with 77% of 18-34 year olds agreeing to share their data with AI.

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About Lenus 
Developed by Storm ID, the Lenus digital health platform connects patients and healthcare professionals by supporting the secure exchange of data.

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Storm ID is a digital transformation consultancy for the public and private sector in the UK and beyond.

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