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Indiana Lawyer and Yoga Studio Owner Launches Coaching Platform, "The Power of Pause"

Indiana Lawyer and Yoga Studio Owner Launches Coaching Platform, "The Power of Pause"

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INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 6, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Powerhouse lawyer turned yoga studio owner and professional consultant, Kristine Camron, unveiled "The Power of Pause" coaching program recently through an exclusive event hosted by the Indianapolis State Bar Association. The program focuses on how to increase performance and productivity while minimizing the impact of stress through simple exercises that can be done anywhere, any time. Attaining mental and physical kOMposure is key for individuals who are in high-stress careers. Having spent twenty years as an in-demand legal advisor for start-ups, Kristine experienced the effects of long days with high intensity interactions and engagements that left her mentally and physically drained. With a desire to ignite change in the industry which she committed so much time to, Kristine felt a responsibility to create a coaching platform that would offer what she often needed the most during her intense office days, balance and clarity. The Power of Pause can be tailored to any profession and can be structured in a variety of ways for audiences of varying size, as developed by Kristine with colleague Michele Brown. As the New Year approaches, there is no time like the present to invest in learning "The Power of Pause" for optimal performance professionally and for an enhanced quality of life personally.

"I recommend The Power of Pause for every lawyer!  We spend most of our days jumping from one emergency to the next, which can create a great deal of stress.  Also, lawyers are taught early on to rely on their thinking rather than on their internal, emotional experience.  The result is that we tend to ignore signs of stress, and we are not very good at managing our stress even when we are aware of the signs.   In just one session, I learned tips about being more "mindful" and managing stress that have not only been easy for me to incorporate into my work day, but that I am already finding helpful to my practice." –Sarah Funke

About kOMpose Yoga:

kOMpose Yoga was founded by lawyer Kristine Camron. The studio offers a variety of yoga classes in both heated and non-heated environments, as well as a variety of workshops and community driven events. kOMpose Yoga has been featured by the Indy Star, Indiana and Yoga Magazine, and has been recognized by lululemon as Studio of the Month. Visit:

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