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New Technologies Improve Lasik Results and Reduce Side Effects

New Technologies Improve Lasik Results and Reduce Side Effects Not all Lasik procedures are created equal. Dello Russo Laser Vision utilizes the latest technology to offer patients safer procedures and better vision.

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NEW YORK, Dec. 7, 2018

NEW YORK, Dec. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Dello Russo Laser Vision utilizes the latest breakthroughs in Lasik technology to provide patients with unparalleled results and superior outcomes. Combining Contoura Topography Guided Lasik and the Alcon FX500 laser, patients receive 20/20 or greater vision, allowing them to see better than they did while wearing contact lenses or glasses, and have a significantly reduced risk of developing side effects associated with older Lasik procedures, such as chronic dry eye or halos.

According to Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, renowned eye surgeon and owner of Dello Russo Laser Vision, utilizing the most advanced technologies and techniques in laser assisted vision correction appeals to the "results driven patient" who "would like to achieve the best vision possible."

Developing and operating with the latest advancements in Laser assisted vision correction has been a theme of Dr. Dello Russo's career. Considered a pioneer of laser eye surgery, Dr. Dello Russo was a principal investigator for FDA trials of the first laser vision correction procedure back in 1990 and has remained at the forefront of emerging technologies in the 3 decades since. "Lasik is a technique sensitive procedure," explains Dr. Dello Russo, "The expertise of your eye surgeon and the technology he or she employs to perform your lasik procedure greatly influences your outcome."

Topography guided LASIK with Contoura Vision represents the latest advancements in laser assisted vision correction. It provides surgeons with detailed information that allows for a more customized, more precise procedure. Personalization is critical to obtaining the best outcome because no two eyes are the same. Just like a fingerprint, the eye has unique characteristics.

Topography technology maps out these unique characteristics by charting over 22,000 unique elevation points of each cornea. This provides the surgeon with detailed information that cannot be obtained from other technology on the market. The added degree of customization and precision from Topography-guided Lasik produces consistently better results. In fact, Contoura Lasik does Contoura Lasik deliver unparalleled results in laser vision correction, studies show it "delivers the safest and most successful outcomes of any elective procedure, performed in the world," says Dr. Dello Russo.

Men and women living in New York City and New Jersey are invited to one of the four Dello Russo Laser Vision Correction centers for a complimentary consultation to determine if they are a good candidate for Lasik eye surgery.


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