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Warrior's Edge Becomes One of the First Utah-Certified CBD Products

Warrior's Edge Becomes One of the First Utah-Certified CBD Products Warriors Edge CBD is one of Utah's first CBD products to register with the Utah Department of Agriculture and receive state certification.

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OREM, Utah, Dec. 10, 2018

OREM, Utah, Dec. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Due to a recent announcement by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF), companies producing hemp-based products are required to register these products with the department. Within days of the registration process announcement, Warrior's Edge became one of the first Utah-based CBD products to be UDAF certified.

According to the UDAF, this requirement is not intended to stifle sales of CBD and hemp-based products, but to regulate quality, purity, and accuracy in these products.

"The Department is going to take a role in ensuring that products being sold are free from harmful substances and are labeled accurately to ensure consumers are accurately informed," says a statement from the UDAF.

In order to have a product registered, a manufacturer must add a QR code to product labels that connect users with a certificate of analysis from third-party quality tests performed on the product. These test the levels of several factors, including the presence of various cannabinoids and heavy metals.

"This is done for quality control purposes," said the UDAF press release. "The label will look like the labels for dietary supplements to help consumers know what they are getting."

The label must be submitted to the UDAF, along with the lab tests including an official certificate of analysis. Any changes to the product formula must be re-tested, re-labeled, and re-certified.

SIX Nutrition, a Utah-based health and wellness company, was one of the first companies to receive a CBD product certification. Their CBD oil, Warrior's Edge CBD™ will now include a QR code on the label, linking users to the test results for the exact batch their product came from.

"We welcomed the opportunity to get our products approved by UDAF," says Kerry Brown, CEO of SIX Nutrition. "Although this is an extra step, we feel that it will help give our customers increased confidence in our products and in the overall CBD market in the State of Utah. CBD has tremendous potential to help millions of consumers and this certification gives an additional level of confidence."

Within a few weeks, additional Warrior's Edge products--including a balm, beverages, and capsules--will also undertake UDAF certification. Warrior's Edge products are sold online and in select retail stores.

To learn more about the UDAF rules and regulations on cannabis, visit

About Warrior's Edge
Warrior's Edge is a safe and effective full spectrum hemp-based CBD oil. "Full spectrum" means it is a complete plant extract loaded with CBD, terpenes and other whole-plant elements, making it beneficial to the body in multiple ways. A portion of every product sold goes to supporting veteran- and first-responder-focused charitable organizations, which are committed to helping our nation's heroes overcome PTSD, anxiety, and other physical and mental ailments. To learn more about Warrior's Edge or explore distribution opportunities, visit


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