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AMP3D Announces Partnership With Premier

AMP3D Announces Partnership With Premier Clinical Surveillance with CoMET® enables early detection of critical events and proactive care to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Dec. 11, 2018

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Medical Predictive Devices, Diagnostics, and Displays Inc. (AMP3D) announced today that it has partnered with Premier Inc., a leading healthcare improvement company, to bring AMP3D's Continuous Monitoring of Event Trajectories (CoMET®) predictive analytics platform to Premier's clinical surveillance portfolio.

AMP3D offers a growing library of over 300 patient-population and diagnosis-specific predictive models—some 200 for intensive care units (for sepsis, bleeding, intubation, ICU bounceback, and more) and 100 for wards and non-ICU settings (including ICU transfer risk, infection, and readmission)—that its software-as-a-service system applies automatically in an AwareTM architecture that uniquely synthesizes all available streaming data from continuous monitoring, vital signs, lab tests, and electronic medical records. CoMET displays continually updated results in an intuitive, fully mobile-enabled user interface.  Clinicians can thus assess patients as many as 24 hours earlier in their courses of illness, and initiate diagnostic and therapeutic measures proactively instead of reactively.  A recent peer-reviewed article from the University of Virginia, for example, detailed a 50% reduction in septic shock cases with CoMET deployed in a surgical ICU, a five-fold improvement over a control medical ICU.  AMP3D holds exclusive rights to 10 patents, and 10 peer-reviewed journal articles since 2015 have validated the research behind CoMET.

Dr. Randall Moorman, AMP3D's Chief Medical Officer, commented, "Clinicians know that illnesses can have subclinical phases that can be detected by subtle changes in physiological and laboratory measurements.  Unlike most predictive analytics, AMP3D algorithms are trained on clinician-identified events to detect these signatures of illness in continuous monitoring data as well as vital signs and labs, and the risks are shown to clinicians in a novel, dynamic, and intuitive way."

Premier's clinical surveillance solution, powered by TheraDoc®, helps clinicians identify at-risk patients and intervene to improve care. With the pairing of CoMET and TheraDoc technologies, the existing data feeds are leveraged and eliminates the need for an additional technical implementation.

"This partnership further expands Premier's commitment to a robust portfolio of clinical decision support and clinical surveillance solutions. We expect that AMP3D's predictive analytics platform will help Premier's clinical surveillance solution continue to support providers in reducing morbidity and mortality, hospital stay and costs to the collective benefit of patients and the industry overall," added Leigh Anderson, Premier's President of Performance Services.

About AMP3D

Advanced Medical Predictive Devices, Diagnostics, and Displays Inc. (AMP3D) provides data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions that leverage over 150 patient years of continuous monitoring data correlated to over 10,000 clinician-reviewed patient files and more than 1,000 adjudicated cases of sub-acute and potentially catastrophic events. AMP3D's CoMET platform applies over 300 patient-population and diagnosis-specific predictive models, detects "signatures" of illness in continuous monitoring and other available data up to 24 hours before clinical diagnosis, and intuitively displays actionable results to enable proactive clinical care that improves outcomes and saves costs. AMP3D is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. For more information and to contact the company, visit


Kevin L. Passarello, CEO


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