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Axiom Foods, One of the Largest Makers of Plant Proteins in U.S., Debuts First Neutral-Flavored Pea and Hemp Proteins For Food Formulators

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., Dec. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Food formulators who have been forever scratching their heads to find ways to mask the sharp-green pea and musky hemp protein flavor now have access to the first virtually neutral-tasting pea and hemp protein ingredients this Winter with the launch of Axiom Foods' Cannatein® and Vegotein N™.  Formulators who attended Supply Side West in Las Vegas the first week of November had access to a sneak-peek taste of the then-limited production, which is now being rolled out in mass commercial qualities to the industry.

The virtually flavorless ingredients are an innovation in conjunction with the company's food scientist and flavor specialist, Rick Ray. A supertaster and respected food chemist, Ray has been at the forefront of the flavor industry since the 1980s and has been providing food technology forecasts for companies such as Coke and General Mills.

Vegotein N™ is highly functional and features an 80% concentration and is produced naturally in the U.S. from North American-grown yellow, non-GMO peas. The ingredient is rich in iron and especially high in Lysine and Arginine. It can be blended with rice protein to make a complete protein, has a high viscosity and excellent gelation, is emulsion stable, has excellent water holding capacity, is suspendable as well as dispersible and has a smooth mouthfeel. The typically sharp-green, childhood "ick" factor of pea has been eradicated from this ingredient. Vegotein N™'s flavorless quality allows formulators to focus on its highly functional properties without adding myriad of masking agents, sweeteners, conditioners or other excipients. Vegotei N™ is allergen-friendly, cholesterol-free and guaranteed to be gluten and soy-free. Applications include meat analogues and extensions for patties, hot dogs, meatballs and allergen-friendly foods.

Cannatein® Hemp Protein provides the best-tasting, lightest color, longest shelf-life and highly concentrated hemp protein, fractioned just from hemp hearts. One of the trendiest of plant proteins and superfoods on the market today, hemp's tough-to-mask earthy flavor has finally been tamed to be virtually neutral, finally without the addition of masking ingredients. The shelf-life has also more than doubled to 24 months, as other hemp proteins' shelf life is 6 to 12 months and often requires refrigeration of the opened finished product.  It is non-GMO, suspendable, highly dispersible and digestible, plus rich in Omegas, B Vitamins and six other vitamins and minerals. Cannatein® is, of course, psychoactive-free and certifications include Kosher and Halal. Applications include beverages, bars, yogurts, crunchy snacks and cereals, baked goods and essential oils, fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. The protein and fiber properties of Cannatein® make it particularly beneficial for satiety products.

"As we focus on bringing game-changing innovations that make plant proteins competitive with whey protein," said Axiom Foods' Food Scientist, Rick Ray, "we tackled the toughest flavor issues for the most commercially viable crops first. Hemp, though trendiest amongst consumers, has presented massive flavor, color and shelf-life problems for formulators. Oddly enough, peas, though a more established and understood plant by end-consumers, is still undergoing an education process, but formulators have loved its qualities for about 7-8 years now. Both neutral-flavored ingredients will revolutionize this industry and allow the biggest food players to have enough plant protein to satisfy their consumer demands for end-product."

About Axiom Foods: On the cutting edge of technology, we're involved in clinical trials, education and affecting change in the global food supply. Axiom brings compassion to the food business by showing that animals are no longer necessary to build muscle. We're at the forefront of peas and rice becoming the new meat. Just ask CNBC.

About Rick Ray: Ray has spent his career working with food giants from Allied Domecq and General Mills to Coca-Cola, and since 2015 has been part of the Axiom Foods team. Ray has been an integral part of monthly flavors brought forth by Baskin Robbins, marrying flavor to coffee before Starbucks realized the market potential, and fixing flavor problems that arose with the dawn of microwave cooking technology. He has been a part of the development teams at Felton, Melcher's, Sensient, Flavorence, Kerry and is a member of the American Chemical Society.

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