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Canadian Company at the Forefront of Baby Monitor Market with Patented WakeUp™ Technology

Canadian Company at the Forefront of Baby Monitor Market with Patented WakeUp™ Technology

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NIAGARA FALLS, ON, Dec. 13, 2018

Levana launches Oma Sense™ - Monitoring baby's breathing movements and alerting parents if something is wrong

NIAGARA FALLS, ON, Dec. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - Studies show, new parents lose 44 days of sleep during the first year of baby's life.  Levana developed this product to help reduce parent's anxieties during this crucial time, so they can get a bit more sleep.  During baby's most vulnerable moments in the first six months of life, Oma Sense™ is there to monitor their tiny breathing movements and alert parents if something is wrong.  Using their patented WakeUp™ Technology, when no movement is detected for 15 seconds Oma Sense™ will stimulate the baby with randomized vibrations and audible alerts.  If regular movement does not return, parents are notified with an audible alarm to let them know their attention is needed.  It is a wearable device and is designed for infants 0-6 months. 

Levana takes it a step further by tackling false alarms, something that many movement monitors have been critiqued with.  "We've spent years developing and optimizing our algorithm to improve the accuracy of the device and ensure parents get exactly what they're looking for – peace of mind" says Raj Jain, Managing Director and Founder of Levana.  With this algorithm, Levana is able to ensure parents are not burdened with the unnecessary stress that comes with false alarms.

Reducing the hassle of placing a monitor or sock directly on the skin, the Oma Sense™ features a patented one handed clip for simplicity and keeps baby as comfortable as possible by requiring no skin contact.  In the event the parent would like to place the device directly on the diaper, it is cordless, made with medical grade materials and features no wireless frequencies, ensuring it is completely safe for the baby. 

Valuing their roots, the Oma Sense™ is designed, engineered and made in Canada.  Priced affordably because every parent deserves peace of mind, it sells for $119.99 USD at and most major retailers.  Currently rated 4.8 stars with close to 100 reviews.

"If you are a new mom like me that has anxiety about your baby breathing at night (to the point of exhaustion) this is worth every penny!!" – Laura L

"I wish I knew about this with my first baby!" – Karlys Mom

About Levana

In 2001, Levana brought the first wireless, handheld and full-color video baby monitor to North America.  Today, Levana has grown to a large team of dedicated parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles passionate about child safety.  They continue to follow their mission of empowering parents to worry less and do more with baby monitors that are simple, safe and reliable.  Fueled by the knowledge and technology of their video surveillance roots, they are dedicated to giving parents the freedom to care for their child without sacrificing who they are and the activities that make them happy.  Levana is owned and operated in Canada.

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