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CD Genomics Claims a Discount for Most Services to Celebrate Christmas&New Year 

SHIRLEY, NY, UNITED STATES - DEC 14, 2018- CD Genomics, an expert in transcriptomics and next generation sequencing company, announces the launch of Christmas and New Year promotion from December 1st to January 31st. The products in the great promotion include most of its services, such as next-generation sequencing, PacBio SMRT sequencing, genotyping, etc. More importantly, this discount reached amazing 5%.

Next-generation sequencing, also known as high-throughput sequencing, is a DNA sequencing technology which has revolutionized genomic and molecular research and has influenced all fields of biological research, it has become increasingly prevalent in modern society. NGS allows us to sequence DNA and RNA much more accurately, quickly and cheaply. With many years of experience, CD Genomics becomes a leading provider of NGS services utilizing proprietary GenSeqTM Technology to provide advanced sequencing and bioinformatics solutions for its global customers. Listed below are the NGS related services participating in this promotion.

  1. Whole genome sequencing
  2. Whole exome sequencing
  3. RNA sequencing
  4. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequencing
  5. Reduced representation bisulfite sequencing
  6. Targeted bisulfite sequencing
  7. 16S/18S/ITS amplicon sequencing
  8. Metagenomic sequencing

CD Genomics provides PacBio SMRT sequencing to complement NGS facility. By taking advantage of the long-read and single molecular sequencing capability developed by PacBio, can offer advanced genome de novo assembly solutions and full-length gene/transcript sequencing strategy to suit project needs. Utilizing the advanced PacBio SMRT instruments (PacBio SR II and PacBio Sequel) for several research purposes including whole-genome de novo genome assembly, full-length target sequencing, metagenomics studies, full-length transcripts sequencing, and genome-wide DNA modification analysis. The highly experienced expert team executes quality management following every procedure to ensure confident and unbiased results. Here are some related services in this discount:

  1. Microbial whole genome de novo sequencing
  2. Full-length transcripts sequencing (Iso-Seq)
  3. Human whole genome PacBio SMRT sequencing
  4. Full-length 16S/18S/ITS amplicon sequencing

The genotyping services included in this promotion are provided for small, large, standard or customized projects, on humans and many other species. Powerful portfolio includes arrays, reagents, instruments and bioinformatics tools that enable you to detect common and rare single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), copy number variations (CNVs) and other genetic variations. CD Genomics’ genotyping services accommodate projects with a broad range of applications. The discounted genotyping services include:

  1. Microsatellite genotyping
  2. Whole genome SNP genotyping
  3. Genotyping by sequencing

“This promotion is definitely a unique offer. We have been committed to providing customers with cost-effective and high quality services. We are excited to offer our customers a wide range of discounted price for most of our services. We are fully aware that only high-quality products can return the support and trust of our customers.” as said by Charlie.

More information on CD Genomics Discount page.

About CD Genomics

CD Genomics is a world leading Genomics Services Company that innovates sequencing services, as well as genotyping, library construction, bioinformatics, aptamers, microarray, health diagnostics, mutagenesis analyses and others for the genomics industry.


Address: 45-1 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA





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