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Balance 3H Plus Expands to New York City

NEW YORK and HARRISON, N.Y., Dec. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Harrison-based Balance 3H Plus, a leading, doctor-supervised total health program that provides hormonal balance solutions for women 40 and older, has expanded to New York City. The new office is located at 12 East 52nd Street, Floor 4, New York, N.Y. Balance 3H Plus is sharing the space with The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine.

Created by Dr. Siobhan Kealy, Balance 3H Plus takes a proven approach to health and weight loss, with laser focus on patients' medical histories and personal nutrition needs. The science-backed program uses a highly thorough blood test and provides patients with customized meal plans and hormone balancing based on individual results – and eschews the pills and injections that are so often unsuccessful. The program combines both dietary and lifestyle changes and reduces the mechanisms that cause the body to store fat, while jump-starting the body's natural fat burning processes.

Balance 3H Plus has a natural partner in The Salerno Center, a renowned complementary medicine practice that fosters wellness through nutrition, a range of therapies and natural supplements. Together, Balance 3H Plus and The Salerno Center provide a health and wellness program that is greater than the sum of its parts.

"Until now, the voice in the industry for women in menopause has been gaping and often leaves women 40 and older feeling hopeless and confused for answers," says Mitch Suss, CEO and founder of Balance 3H Plus. "Our program has brought patients from across New York City to our offices in Harrison, and now, to accommodate our growing roster of patients, we're very excited about the expansion."

Balance 3H Plus has helped thousands of women who have felt hopeless, fat, ashamed, frustrated, scared and unwanted-reclaim their youthful spirit and zest for life. It is designed to teach you how to overcome hormonal imbalances that can lead to food cravings, overeating and unwanted weight gain.

"It's exciting to welcome such a safe, effective and highly successful weight loss program as Balance 3H Plus to The Salerno Center," says Dr. John Salerno, an international pioneer in the practice of complementary medicine. "We similarly believe in crafting customized plans for each patient's underlying issues – not just their symptoms."

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Balance 3H Plus (B3H+) is an innovative, holistic, and doctor-supervised nutrition program for women 40 and older. By focusing on hormonal balance, B3H+ maximizes vitality, optimizes health, and leads to successful long-term weight management. B3H+ is backed by science and managed by dedicated physicians and nutritional experts. At its foundation is B3H+'s capability to develop a personalized nutrition plan for each patient, informed by blood values, medical history, and personal likes and dislikes. Created by Dr. Siobhan Kealy, B3H+ has helped thousands of women reclaim their youthful spirit and zest for life. For more information, visit  

With over 25 years' experience, Dr. John P. Salerno is renowned for professional, comprehensive, full-service, and life-changing health solutions. Dr. Salerno's extensive and cutting‐edge medical approaches allow him to pioneer a custom treatment plan for each and every patient. Using complementary medicine practices like hormone and nutritional therapies, Dr. Salerno has helped spark a worldwide movement where patients and physicians alike grow, heal, and learn. For more information about Dr. Salerno and The Salerno Center, visit

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Last Updated: 17-Dec-2018