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Cloud Computing Service Provider, Comport, Shares How IoT In Healthcare Helps To Improve the Patient Experience

Cloud Computing Service Provider, Comport, Shares How IoT In Healthcare Helps To Improve the Patient Experience

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RAMSEY, N.J., Dec. 17, 2018

RAMSEY, N.J., Dec. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In order to help medical facilities stay on top of the latest technology developments, cloud computing service provider, Comport, shares how IoT in healthcare helps to improve the patient experience.

The "Internet of Things", or IoT, is one of the most influential technological innovations in recent years. From consumer applications to large corporations, there are a wealth of opportunities to take advantage of "smart" technology in order to make life more convenient and businesses more productive. Healthcare organizations are no exception to this rule, and embracing IoT can lead to major improvements in the patient experience.

Listed below are a few reasons why IoT has already established itself as a major player in patient comfort and care.

IoT Medical Device Use. The most direct way to improve the patient experience is to streamline the treatment process with more intelligent technology. The impact of smart technology is far-reaching when it comes to medical devices, with recent developments including improvements in cardiac heart monitors, intelligent pacemakers, drug infusion pumps, and testing equipment such as MRI and X-Ray systems.

Hospitals that give their medical personnel access to the latest and greatest in treatment technology can directly impact the patient experience at its core.

Secure Access For Guests and Patients. One of the most influential developments with IoT is the ability to provide convenient web access to both guests and patients. But more importantly, these innovations combine this ease of access with a level of security that keeps both browsers and the healthcare facility protected.

Many facilities are also using this technology to make it easier for patients and their families to find relevant information. From apps that help them navigate the hospital, like aruba meridian wayfinding, to a database with access to research and information on various conditions, the sky's the limit when it comes to keeping visitors connected and comfortable.

BYOD and "IoT" combine to increase productivity. Four out of five doctors use their personal devices at work, many are now adding the capabilities of IoT to enhance their productivity, streamlining access and utilization of patient data. For better or for worse, this also lets medical personnel intermingle their personal and professional work. Having staff with 24/7 access to patient information can benefit the continuity of care and improve the "on call" experience for patients.

A Secure Onboarding Process. One issue to keep in mind with the IoT trend is the security implications that bringing outside devices into the hospital's network can have. Healthcare organizations routinely deal with health information that needs to be protected and kept private by law, so there are some inherent security risks with letting medical personnel use new devices.

However, this problem can largely be addressed with a quality IoT onboarding network policy. IT teams can develop a networking solution that allows employees to set up their personal devices on the network themselves, while controlling aspects like who can onboard devices, the type of devices that can connect, and the number of devices each employee can use.


An award-winning trusted IT partner in business since 1982, Comport helps our customers achieve efficiencies needed to succeed in today's digital world. Our customers include leading enterprises in Hospitals and Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Media, Retail, Law Firms and Universities. Comport has established our cloud brand, ComportSecure to help customers deal with new and emerging trends. ComportSecure Cloud Managed Solutions specializes in Cloud and Managed Services, Advanced IT Datacenters, Mobility Security and Networking.

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