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YC-Backed Startup CB Therapeutics Adds ‘Entourage-Effect’ Terpenes to its Growing List of Sustainably Produced Cannabis Compounds

CB Therapeutics utilizes sustainable microorganisms and its proprietary biotechnology platform to produce therapeutic compounds found in cannabis without the land and water resource drain of growing plants. Through biosynthesis, CB Therapeutics has produced not only popular phytocannabinoids like CBD, but also other rare cannabinoids that not been previously available due to the difficulty and cost of extraction from plants.

CB Therapeutics has now successfully produced a variety of different terpenes traditionally found in cannabis and many other plant varieties. “Using our technology for environmentally sustainable production of terpenes was the natural extension to our proprietary platform given we started with phytocannabinoids,” stated Dr. Jacob Vogan, CSO. “Traditionally terpenes and cannabinoids have been extracted from plants, but now we have another source of production that is one giant leap for the whole industry. One of the advantages for this technology is how much less resources are needed, creating a win-win for all.”

“With the evolution of the cannabis industry comes proliferation of many new and innovative products. Aside from cannabinoids, we are now seeing that terpenes have many interesting synergistic effects, such as the entourage effect, hence the market demand for products with well-balanced terpene ratios,” stated Sher Butt, CEO. With the ability to make terpenes as well as cannabinoids, CB Therapeutics is the first biosynthetic company offering a total solution for cannabinoid products, enabling specific ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes on demand.

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Last Updated: 18-Dec-2018