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BioEnergetics Works: How a Missouri City Pharmacist Uses Your Fingers and Toes to Take The Guesswork Out of Your Medication Management

BioEnergetics Works: How a Missouri City Pharmacist Uses Your Fingers and Toes to Take The Guesswork Out of Your Medication Management Dr. Ferryl B. McClain is bringing bioenergetic technology to the Houston area. Located in Haeckerville Pharmacy off of Highway 6 South in Missouri City, BioEnergetic Works, LLC provides patients with the best of Eastern Medicine combined with Western Medicine and computerized technology.

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HOUSTON, Texas, Dec. 19, 2018

HOUSTON, Texas, Dec. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Using non-invasive acupressure points on her patients' fingers and toes, Dr. McClain assesses the health of all the organ systems in the body. Once the data is collected an algorithm determines the organs that are causing patients' health issues.

Bioenergetic screening has been active for more than thirty years, but is a fairly new technology in The United States. In fact, Dr. McClain is the first and only bioenergetic pharmacist to practice in the United States. However, the doctors McClain works with are open to bioenergetic science and are appreciative of her ability as a pharmacist to be proactive on the medication side.

Every patient is required to bring any medication they have taken in last 30 days or intend to take in next 30 days. Using radiowave signals unique to each medication, McClain is able to see the patients' organ systems energetically react to the medication and determine if it is a therapeutic match.

During a standard visit, a patient is given a brass rod to hold, while a connector is placed on their chest. Then, McClain uses a probe to test the acupressure points on the patient's fingers and toes. These pressure points are connected to specific organs in the body. The BioScan machine tests the function of each organ, the nervous system, cardiovascular system, hormonal system, allergy, auto-immune system, lymphatic system and more. Following the test, the machine produces a detailed color-coded report, noting which organs/systems are healthy, weakened, stressed or critical. The report also analyzes medications using radio-wave frequencies and specifically matches them with any condition the machine may detect.

Fortunately, BioEnergetics uses a patient's own body to help balance their organs and other biological systems. This process saves patients a lot of time and money by offering the best natural and/or pharmaceutical solutions that suit their individual bodies. Patients know which medicines will actually help them before they ingest their first pill.

"My hope is that more pharmacists will soon start using bioenergetic screening, as it can ensure successful medication therapeutic outcomes and save money by avoiding drugs that don't work " McClain said. "It can also help uncover a condition that patients were unaware they had." Over the years, Dr. McClain has helped patients and doctors discover critical problems early, including hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, fibroids and precancerous conditions.

Dr. McClain offers a range of bioenergetic screening packages. The most popular is the Bioscan Introductory Assessment and Solution Package which is $444 and includes a follow up. A simple wellness scan is $111. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Spending Accounts (HSA) holders can use their funds to cover the testing. To learn more about the BioEnergetic Works process and Dr. Ferryl B.McClain, call her office at (281) 915-0793, visit email

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Pharmacist Dr. Ferryl McClain, BioEnergetic Works, LLC is located at 9402 Highway 6 South, Suite 400 in Missouri City, TX. BioEnergetic screenings provide patients an alternative form of comprehensive health analysis. Through the use of acupressure points, these screenings reveal physical and emotional stressors that cause imbalances in organs, glands, and other body systems. Using radio wave frequency matching, patients discover how they are being impacted by their prescriptions and supplements, and test results will provide recommended solutions in real time. To schedule an appointment, go to


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