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ezeConnect : The Future of Life Sciences Recruiter Management Launches in the UK and Europe.

ezeConnect is the free online candidate supplier management software for the Life Sciences industry and is now live in the UK and across Europe. 

Created to manage recruiters and recruitment agencies more efficiently, cost effectively and problem free, ezeConnect is gearing up for a very steep period of growth over the course of 2019.

“ezeConnect is a tool designed by HR and Recruitment people to save time and money when dealing with recruitment agencies in the Life Sciences industry. The idea that technology can manage recruitment agencies giving  HR and TA people more time to focus on other important parts of their job was key to the thinking behind ezeConnect.”

Developed with a brief from HR industry leaders and experienced recruiters ezeConnect has gone through a strenous user testing phase before being readied for the UK and European Life Sciences industry.

ezeConnect is fully customizable to suit the needs of each individual customer and their own business needs.

Stephen Ley,  CEO of ezeConnect a veteran Life Sciences recruiter with over 25 years search experience says:

“I had a meeting with some senior HR people from the pharmaceutical industry who bemoaned the frustrations of working with recruitment agencies. While necessary in the recruitment process, often more time was spent working through issues than finding and hiring quality employees.  There was also a problem with limitations of the normal supplier list; this often resulted in slow delivery on certain jobs and sometimes no delivery at all. There had to be a better way to do things using technology to assist.”

ezeConnect was in development for over a year and live tested for further 12 months until it was ready to be launched in the UK and Europe on January 2nd 2019 by the  ezeConnect team based in their City of London offices.

“The ezeConnect team, were motivated by simplicity, which makes the life of HR and TA people much easier than they have ever experienced when managing recruiters. We have also made life much more simple for legal and accounting departments as ezeConnect works through one contract and one payment channel for all third part recruitment.”

ezeConnect Version 1 is available with a very exciting module, ezeConnectR an internal referral platform that makes a company’s own staff a hugely powerful recruitment tool, without the need for the employees being involved in the recruitment process. They simply market their own company’s jobs to their social and professional networks at the touch of a button and ezeConnectR tracks the applications from the networks of the referrers so they may be rewarded; however they have absolutely no involvement in the recruitment process which is the main issue in traditional referral tools or systems. Studies show conclusive evidence that people do not wish to let their friends, colleagues or peers know they is looking for a new job, hence will not apply if they have to do so by letting anyone know, especially the referrer.  ezeConnectR makes companies staff a huge source of new candidates, saving vast amounts on recruitment fees. 

ezeConnectR is able to be implemented as a standalone platform for those companies that do not engage 3rd party suppliers or potentially into existing ATS portals.

Contact us for further information on ezeConnect and ezeConnectR.

Stephen Ley

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Last Updated: 04-Jan-2019