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NeuroBo Selects AiCure to Advance Pivotal Neuropathic Pain Clinical Trial

NeuroBo Selects AiCure to Advance Pivotal Neuropathic Pain Clinical Trial AiCure to provide AI-driven behavioral insights and improve patient compliance for NeuroBo's Phase III Diabetic Neuropathic Pain Trial

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NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2019

NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- AiCure, a behavioral data analytics company targeting the healthcare and life sciences industries, today announced NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals has chosen its platform to provide behavioral insights around diabetic patients participating in a clinical trial for neuropathic pain. AiCure's interactive platform will offer NeuroBo a single touchpoint to measure and modify patient behavior, keeping participants engaged and on treatment throughout the trial. NeuroBo will also integrate patient reported outcomes and micro-reimbursements within AiCure's platform, providing a simplified experience for all trial participants.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 50 percent of the 30 million Americans with diabetes suffer from diabetic neuropathy, which results in numbness and tingling in one's limbs. As the disease progresses, 50 percent of the diabetic neuropathy patients develop neuropathic pain as a result of damage to the peripheral nerves which can produce debilitating limb pain. NeuroBo's lead candidate, NB-01, will be entering into a Phase III clinical trial to evaluate its efficacy in treating diabetic neuropathic pain.

"Proper adherence and dosing are both critical to the accuracy of trial results – and it's often quite difficult to ensure," said John L. Brooks III, president and CEO of NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals. "AiCure offers the only platform that can accurately confirm our trial participants are taking the right medication at the right dosage, while also capturing valuable behavioral and endpoint data – helping us to advance our clinical trial for a potential treatment of diabetic neuropathic pain."

AiCure's Interactive Medical Assistant (IMA) uses artificial intelligence (AI)-powered computer vision to recognize individual faces and medications. IMA offers patients a single platform to monitor their treatment regimen, complete ePRO questionnaires and receive micro-reimbursements.

"NeuroBo's lead candidate has the potential to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from diabetic neuropathic pain," said Adam Hanina, co-founder and CEO of AiCure. "Our primary mission at AiCure is to improve health for all patients by understanding their individual responses to treatment. We're proud to be working with NeuroBo as they progress their clinical trial for the potential treatment of neuropathic pain that impacts millions of patients with diabetes every day."

AiCure's proprietary platform leverages AI and computer vision to capture and analyze behavioral data – video and audio patient information that shows how people respond to medical conditions and treatment. These encounters unlock unprecedented amounts of objective behavioral data that AiCure stores and analyzes to identify trends, behaviors and patterns of each individual to provide insights into the patient's condition. These currently untapped insights allow providers and trial sponsors to incentivize individuals and intervene in a timely manner – to improve health and trial outcomes as well as reduce the costs of care and drug development. For more information about AiCure and its platform, visit

About AiCure
AiCure is a behavioral data analytics company targeting the life sciences and healthcare industry to improve health by understanding the science behind the human response to illness and treatment. AiCure uses proprietary AI to capture and analyze visual and audio data from patients around their actions and responses to medical conditions and treatment across clinical trials and patient care. Clinically proven to enhance the effectiveness of medication, ensure patient compliance and improve health outcomes, AiCure's platform provides pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, payers and government entities with novel insights around the science of patient behavior, allowing them to measure and modify it for better care. Founded in 2010 and funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), AiCure has more than 100 patents and works with large pharmaceutical companies to emerging biotechs worldwide. Learn more about AiCure at   

About NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals
NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals is focused on neurodegenerative diseases that affect millions of patients worldwide. The company's novel lead candidate NB-01 is a potential treatment for diabetic neuropathic pain. NB-01 increases levels of nerve growth factor (NGF). NGF inhibits nerve cell death and promotes nerve regeneration. The compound, licensed from leading pharmaceutical company, Dong-A ST, is moving into Phase III clinical trials in early 2019. NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals has a second compound focusing on Alzheimer's disease currently ready for an IND and Phase IIa trial. NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals was jointly founded by JK BioPharma Solutions, a company specializing in the development of new biopharmaceuticals, and Dr. Roy Freeman, a Harvard Medical School Professor of Neurology, to develop natural ethical medicines addressing neuro degenerative diseases and is headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, visit


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