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County of Orange Health Care Agency and Safety Net Connect Launch “WPC Connect” – Care Coordination and Real-time Data Exchange Solution for the California 1115 Waiver Whole Person Care Pilot Program

Safety Net Connect (SNC), a leading provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its WPC Connect platform with the County of Orange Health Care Agency (HCA) in the Whole Person Care (WPC) pilot program. WPC aims to help Medi-Cal beneficiaries who are struggling with homelessness with more effective and inclusive coordination of services.

The WPC Connect platform will facilitate a non-traditional, patient-centered approach to care coordination for the County of Orange WPC pilot. With WPC Connect, community-based providers (who historically have not had pathways for data sharing with each other) will be connected to a centralized hub for real-time communication. Prior to the WPC pilot, for example, a homeless shelter wouldn’t necessarily know that a client was recently hospitalized for a particular condition. Now when a patient experiencing homelessness enters an emergency room, providers will use WPC Connect to generate a “Community-Collaborative Care Plan” and coordinate with other WPC partner agencies in real time – including clinics, homeless shelters, recuperative care services, emergency rooms and other providers.

“Our county has a number of great, community-based resource and service providers who are dedicated to helping people dealing with the many challenges of homelessness,” explained Melissa Tober, Manager, Strategic Projects, Health Policy, Research, & Communication, HCA. “With WPC Connect we can engage all of our providers in the community in real time – whether they are part of the same network or system (or not). We are essentially creating a uniquely tailored, virtual care network for each patient we serve.”

“We are thrilled to have been selected to be part of this initiative,” said Keith Matsutsuyu of SNC. “Our mission is to facilitate holistic, equitable care for safety net populations. We’re truly honored to work with innovative leadership from HCA, CalOptima, and the community organizations who are on the frontline, to help make a meaningful impact on our nation’s crisis of homelessness.”

About WPC

WPC is the coordination of physical, behavioral health, and social services in a patient-centered approach with the goals of improved health and well-being through more efficient and effective use of resources for Medi-Cal beneficiaries struggling with homelessness. WPC promotes increased communication between hospital emergency rooms, CalOptima, community clinics, HCA Behavioral Health Services and Public Health Services as well as recuperative care providers to improve access and navigation of services for the homeless population. For more information, please visit:

About Safety Net Connect

Since 2009, Safety Net Connect (SNC) has been a leading creator of innovative health care technology that makes it easier for providers and institutions to increase access to care, streamline care coordination, promote evidence-based practices, and improve quality. With a mission to improve health equity, SNC has helped public and private health care organizations across the nation successfully reach millions of low-income, underserved individuals with affordable, effective patient-centered care. For more information, please visit

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Last Updated: 08-Jan-2019