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Two New Instant Turmeric Drink Blends Available From Healing Butterfly

Two New Instant Turmeric Drink Blends Available From Healing Butterfly Healing Butterfly, an Orlando area health and wellness company, has added golden milk turmeric drinks in Chocolate and Hibiscus flavors to their product offerings.

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MAITLAND, Fla., Jan. 09, 2019

MAITLAND, Fla., Jan. 09, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Local superfoods retailer, Healing Butterfly, has added two turmeric drink products to their online store. Chocolate Turmeric Golden Milk and Hibiscus Turmeric Golden Milk are now available at in 25-serving pouches for $26.99.

Both products are flavored turmeric powders, easily combined with hot water or hot milk to create a healthy, flavor-packed beverage. The Chocolate Turmeric Golden Milk contains organic turmeric, organic cacao, organic astragalus, licorice root, organic fermented ginger, ginger, and black pepper. The Hibiscus Turmeric Golden Milk contains organic turmeric, hibiscus, beet root, organic astragalus, licorice root, cardamom, and black pepper.

"We spent close to one year developing these two Turmeric Elixirs. Our goal was to develop a line of turmeric beverages that not only tasted great, but had amazing healing benefits for the body, mind, and soul. We have achieved that with our Chocolate Turmeric Golden Milk and Hibiscus Turmeric Golden Milk. And the best part is, we did so without using harmful chemicals used by so many other companies," explained Mrs. Jackie Hirsch, Owner of Healing Butterfly (

Healing Butterfly sources their turmeric from an organic farm in India. The turmeric is then combined with additional organic and natural superfood ingredients to produce a healthy and tasty instant beverage. Hirsch notes that in addition to drinking the turmeric elixirs, the powder can be used in smoothies, shakes, and baked products to add a boost of flavor and health benefits such as stress reduction, weight management, reduced inflammation, system detoxification, and emotional balance.

"Nature and science go hand-in-hand at Healing Butterfly. We combine the latest scientific research with the finest natural ingredients to create elixirs that are not just healthy, but also taste delicious. With the release of these two new Turmeric Elixirs, Healing Butterfly is helping to revolutionize the health and wellness marketplace," said Hirsch.

Healing Butterfly began in 2017, developing seven flavored blends of premium matcha grown on an organic farm in Japan. Their goal was to combine matcha green tea with other superfoods to produce the finest and healthiest flavored matcha blends in existence. Today, Healing Butterfly carries the following matcha blends: Matcha Green Tea, Chocolate Matcha, Vanilla Matcha, Pumpkin Spice Matcha, Ginger Matcha, Mint Matcha, and Earl Grey Matcha. The matcha blends are available in 25-serving pouches or in packages of 10 single-serve matcha sticks, making it easy to enjoy matcha on-the-go.

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About Healing Butterfly:
Healing Butterfly is a Florida-based retailer of superfood elixirs. They currently have a line of flavored Matcha Green Tea Powders and a line of flavored Turmeric Powders. All seven Matcha blends are available in single-serve sticks and multi-serving pouches. Both Turmeric blends are available in 25-serving pouches. Visit to shop all of their offerings, read the latest blog posts, and try their favorite recipes.


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Last Updated: 09-Jan-2019