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REDCON1 Makes History Again -- First Ever Back-To-Back STACK3D Brand Of The Year Winner!

REDCON1 Makes History Again -- First Ever Back-To-Back STACK3D Brand Of The Year Winner!

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BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 14, 2019

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- REDCON1 supplements once again has set a new mark in the sports nutrition industry by being the first company ever to win the coveted Brand of the Year award from STACK3D. In 2017, its first full year in business, REDCON1 brought home the trophy for brand of the year, making a statement that the brand was poised to make a lasting mark on the sports nutrition industry.  This year they accomplished what no other brand has done to date, win STACK3D brand of the year back to back; really quite the accomplishment when you consider how competitive the space is. 

STACK3D ( is an independent supplement review site that has become the gold standard for product reviews, industry news and a general news portal for all things related to the supplement industry.  Each year, the team at STACK3D chooses 5 brands that they feel are the top 5 brands for the previous year.  Brands are judged on the following criteria: deliver creative new supplement releases, staying in the headlines, continued and consistent release of new products and flavors throughout the year, and keeping everyone entertained with teasers, sales, and content. 

The past year REDCON1 has introduced 8 new products and dozens of new flavor expansions. Two of those new products, TOTAL WAR RTD (Ready-to-drink) and the huge hit MRE Bar. Since REDCON1 was formed in 2016, the brand has seen a meteoric rise within the sports nutrition industry, increasing sales in 2018 over 300% from previous year. This dramatic increase is due to a combination of strong Brick & Mortar relationships, continued channel expansion, second to none direct to consumer business as well as cohesive branding, innovative products and best in class, unique content.

"From stress and momentary sadness leaving my old company, to an idea in my kitchen with Eric Hart & Eduardo Silva, to crazy success... this has been one hell of a wild ride! Huge thank you to STACK3D for a second year in a row, Best Brand of the Year award! I'm happy to say this is history. No other brand has won twice. It's not in my nature to be overtly celebratory, instead I can't help but think, 'how do we win a THIRD time?!' Thank you everyone on the team at Redcon1 that made this possible, and a HUGE thank you to all customers, fans, and retailers who truly make this dream a reality... and my wife Darielle Singerman who puts up with my obsessiveness and drive. Now, time to get back to the grind and focus on 2019!" said REDCON1 CEO Aaron Singerman. 


REDCON1 features supplements and apparel that appeals to the serious athlete, fitness enthusiast, weekend warrior, and all beginners. Its strong military branding is highlighted by over 7,000 Tier Operators around the world, many of which are currently serving with or are retired from the United States Armed Forces. The products and brand feature transparent, efficacious formulas that deliver real results while building a true brand that stands for something – hard-work, honesty, and integrity. REDCON1 products can be found in all major supplement retailer such as Vitamin Shoppe, GNC,, Muscle & Strength, A1 Supplements, Amazon, along with over 1000 brick and mortar stores nationwide. The brand is also available in over 70 countries worldwide, and is growing internationally on a weekly basis. 

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