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CompetentSee, LLC to Launch New Crowdsourcing Platform With Scoring System to Connect Medical Coders With Employers

CompetentSee, LLC to Launch New Crowdsourcing Platform With Scoring System to Connect Medical Coders With Employers Platform enables coders to demonstrate real-world competency to compete for jobs, while employers reduce cost and hiring mistakes.

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SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 16, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CompetentSee LLC, a skills verification company, today announced the upcoming launch of two new products making historic leaps in the competency verification of medical coders, professionals in health information management, the health care revenue cycle, and payer compliance. This next generation algorithmic solution connects medical coders, and their employers for smart networking focused on employment goals.

According to a recent survey of medical coders and their employers, nearly half (47.63 percent) of medical coders and their employers believe that coding certification exams do not reflect the coder's skills in the "real world" of billing. 46.3% believe that certification alone doesn't help coding experts stand out in a resume crowd, and 70.53% believe it won't help a new coder without several years of experience.

The CaaS (Coder-as-a-Service™) platform and the patent-pending CoderScore™ system unravel these problems by combining a transparent, accurate, and reliable ranking system with a global network of crowdsourced medical coders. The outcome is reduced time and recruiting costs for employers, and unrestricted access to job and mentoring opportunities for coders.

CoderScore™ uses a three-digit number generated by a mathematical algorithm that predicts the likelihood of the coder making mistakes. It uses a crowdsourced data system that dynamically updates to reflect the current skills of coders. It allows employers to know a coder's real competency, at a glance, in advance of the hire, allowing both to negotiate the best relationship. Connecting competency ranked coders with employers of medical coding jobs using the CoderScore™ system allows new coders to get unstuck from traditional certification and experience filters and helps experts differentiate their advanced skills at a glance.

In addition to connecting coders with employers, the CaaS (Coder-as-a-Service™) platform provides a revolutionized peer-to-peer knowledge sharing network that allows coders to proactively take control of their career and rapidly train up to the latest information. "I love that I can use CaaS to find and help coders who want my firsthand insights," said Grace Jones, an expert coder, "It gives me extra money and a feeling of purpose that is really fulfilling."

"I'm excited to push the envelope to solve the competency verification challenges faced by medical coders and their employers," said Stephanie Cecchini, founder and CEO of CompetentSee, LLC. "It's an incredible time to leverage technology with a bias for efficacy in connecting coders with employers and mentors to help our health care communities."

A key aspect of the system is the use of a diversified CompetentSee Advisory Board (CAB) who play an important role by prequalifying the competencies of coders on the platform. Appointment to the board is by invitation-only to cross-industry, thought leaders, who represent the needs of coding employers. Only coders affirmed as competent by a current CAB member are permitted to join the CaaS (Coder-as-a-Service™) platform or to receive a CoderScore™. "Engaging CompetentSee Advisory Board members to lead meaningful change is healthy for the unique needs of each community," said Cecchini. "It is the most effective way to achieve the complex goal of creating successful connections between coders and employers."

The CaaS (Coder-as-a-Service™) platform and the patent-pending CoderScore™ system launch on March 4, 2019.


About CompetentSee, LCC

CompetentSee is powering the future of medical coding work by aligning a global network of medical coders with the employers of medical coding jobs based on a highly transparent ranking system of coder competencies. Learn more about what the next generation of coding competency verification looks like at

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