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Cannabis Company Starling Brands, Inc. Announces Global Licensing Partnership with Pioneering CBD Brand, Jayden's Juice

TORONTO, Jan. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - Starling Brands is pleased to announce the expansion of their global licensing, manufacturing and distribution deal with world-renowned brand Jayden's Juice, one of the pioneers in the cannabis CBD movement.

Jayden's Juice was founded in 2011 by Jason David. After his son Jayden was diagnosed with a rare and severe form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome, which caused thousands of seizures per month, Jason began treating Jayden with his own blend of CBD oil that improved the quality of Jayden's life exponentially. Since then, thousands of people from around the world have traveled to California to use Jayden's Juice for assistance in the treatment of some of the symptoms associated with severe epilepsy, brain stem stroke, depression, anxiety, insomnia, autism, AIDS, HIV and various forms of cancer.

Through Kase Manufacturing — Starling Brands' wholly-owned subsidiary in Ceres, California — Jayden's Juice can expand their manufacturing via a fully-licensed and compliant 22,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility.

"We are extremely excited about our partnership with Jayden's Juice," said Starling Brands CEO, Mike Reynolds. "We are in the final stages of launching additional products and finalizing new distribution partnerships that will allow Jayden's Juice to be accessed by thousands of people throughout the state of California, continuing our united front in fighting for our families and theirs."

Starling Brands has partnerships with some of the most experienced whole plant cannabis CBD farmers in California whose plants are grown from a unique CBD strain for Jayden's Juice. Jayden's Juice product lines include the tinctures FREEDOM (CBD), SOLACE (THC), UNWIND (THCA) and BALANCE (CBD:THC 1:1) as well as the full-spectrum oils FREEDOM (CBD), SOLACE (THC) and BALANCE (CBD:THC 1:1).

The Jayden's Company, parent company of Jayden's Juice, also partners with Tactical Patients, one of California's largest veterans support groups, by hosting events at Jayden's Journey Dispensary in Modesto, CA. Tactical Patients has been advising their members to try Jayden's Juice products as an additional aid in suicide prevention and treatment for symptoms relating to PTSD, opioid addiction and other health and wellness issues.

"The world-renowned Jayden's Juice products are valuable additions to the Starling Brands suite of premium consumer products. These products have been sold for years with international demand, and we look forward to increasing distribution within California," said John Di Girolamo, President of Starling Brands. "Pairing the growing brand awareness of Jayden's Juice in the marketplace with Starling's product, marketing expertise and capital base will provide Jayden's Juice an optimal platform for explosive growth in California and other US and international jurisdictions in the coming years."

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About Starling Brands
Founded in 2017, Starling Brands is committed to the production of high-quality, consistent cannabis-derived products and produces mass-scale medical and recreational cannabis products for premium brands. Based in Toronto, Canada, it operates in the US via its wholly-owned subsidiary, Kase Manufacturing, located in Ceres, California and has a satellite office in Los Angeles.

About Jayden's Juice
Called the "Modesto Miracle," Jayden's Juice was invented by a father seeking an alternative treatment for his son's epilepsy and is created from a CBD-rich cannabis strain. Since 2011, children, friends, family members, and thousands of patients worldwide have used Jayden's Juice to cope with routine ailments and serious illnesses.

About Kase Manufacturing
Founded in 2018, Kase Manufacturing is a 22,000-square-foot manufacturing facility located in Ceres, California. Kase is a fully-licensed cannabis volatile extraction, manufacturing, packing and distribution facility operated by award-winning extractors who produce consistent and high-quality cannabis oils, tinctures and distillates for wholesale and retail brands.


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