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CBD Luxe Launches New Portfolio of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Inhalers

CBD Luxe, the highly innovative company passionate about delivering the highest quality CBD products with the best value on the market, has released a new line of CBD inhalers featuring 1100mg micellized full spectrum hemp oil with over 200 doses per unit. These inhalers are unique blends composed of particular plant extracts paired with specific products, that when combined, enhance their anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-nausea, or anti-anxietal properties.

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CBD Luxe Micell CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Inhalers (Photo: Business Wire)

William Spilo, co-owner of CBD Luxe, spent the last two decades as a former professional snowboarder and international Heli ski guide, and in that time period sustained numerous traumatic injuries. From the constant use of NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and prescription pain meds, he was desperate for an alternative to combat his chronic pain and inflammation.

“After conducting my own intensive research, as well as receiving recommendations from several doctors, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, I tried CBD,” Spilo stated. “Although I was pleased with the results, I felt that the concentrations and contents of the products I was using were lacking the true potential of CBD. I saw a void in the marketplace, acted on it and CBD Luxe was born.”

What makes CBD Luxe different from the rest of the marketplace? CBD Luxe utilizes the highest-grade CBD isolates and full spectrum hemp oils (FSHO), refined from 100 percent hemp and sourced from farms with the strictest organic standards of cultivation. All Ingredients are organic and certified non-GMO. Through their unwavering commitment to developing quality products using highly effective delivery systems, they now have a CBD product line exhibiting the true efficacy and potential of CBD.

CBD Luxe’s new inhalers are unique from other CBD delivery-mechanisms because they are discreet, convenient, scent-free, smoke-free and offer a completely water-soluble full spectrum hemp oil to increase its bio availability and absorption. The distillate is in Nano particulate form and enhanced through the use of whole plant extracts to increase the functional properties of FSHO. The inhalers guarantee precise dosing, which ensures predictable efficacy. Each inhaler features 1100mg micellized full spectrum hemp oil with 200+ doses at 5.5mg per dose. There are four new CBD Luxe inhaler products:

  • BE ACTIVE is an energizing blend of organic extracts spearmint and lemon.
  • BE WELL is a wellness blend of organic extracts green tea and honey.
  • BE CALM is a calming blend of organic extracts lavender and chamomile.
  • BE CLEAR is 100 percent 1100mg micellized FSHO with no additional ingredients.

About CBD Luxe:

CBD Luxe is a highly innovative company committed to maintaining rigorous pharmacological standards in order to deliver the highest quality CBD products on the market with an unmatched level of purity, quality, and efficacy. B.E. Labs, where CBD Luxe’s entire portfolio of products is manufactured, is located in Louisville, CO with a relocation to Golden, CO planned for the spring 2019. B.E. stands for Boutique Extractions – a company founded by CBD Luxe partner, George Wohileb, and originally focused on cannabis extractions in Washington’s burgeoning cannabis industry. For more information, visit

CBD Luxe also offers an affiliate marketing program with the chance to earn five percent on sales when participants sign up. To learn more, visit

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