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CBD Sports Wellness Brand Aethics Launches As Trusted Resource For Everyday Athletes

CBD Sports Wellness Brand Aethics Launches As Trusted Resource For Everyday Athletes Aethics Introduces Lineup of CBD-Infused Beverages, Performance Drops and Topicals Designed to Help Everyday Athletes Train, Perform and Recover Quickly

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LAKEWOOD, Colo., Jan. 23, 2019

LAKEWOOD, Colo., Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today marks the launch of Aethics, a CBD sports wellness brand that's designed to help everyday athletes train, perform and recover quickly. Founded and operated by a group of athletes, coaches and entrepreneurs who recognized a need for a trusted source of CBD products, Aethics prides itself in being uniquely a seed-to-sale company. This means that individuals leading active lifestyles can take comfort in knowing that the products they are incorporating into their daily routines have been planted, organically grown, processed and sold by Aethics alone, delivering a trusted method for performance recovery that's natural and chemical-free.

"In today's market where there are a number of new and unproven brands offering CBD and a lot of confusion about what it is, it's imperative that consumers are confident the products they're using can be trusted," said Brad Wyatt, President and CEO, Aethics. "We are a destination for active people looking for safe and effective alternatives to care for their body and mind. Our seed-to-sale process is at the very heart of Aethics; we are committed to bringing to market the purest CBD products that will help everyday athletes train, perform and recover quickly."

In 2013, Brad Wyatt and longtime business partner Glenn Dooley began exploring the emerging science behind CBD and its benefits.  One year later, Strasburg Pharms was formed, where chemical and pesticide-free, laboratory-tested hemp that produces high-potency CBD is grown. Licensed and regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, its growing process exceeds all state and federal organic growing requirements.

Wyatt added: "Hemp-derived CBD products have been used to successfully treat pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety and other ailments for many years. As we engrained ourselves in the CBD market, it became apparent there was a huge leadership void in the sports wellness category and a unique opportunity to create a company focused on people who live an active lifestyle. We're thrilled to introduce Aethics, where athletics and ethics converge, and begin this journey to becoming the leading provider of CBD sports wellness solutions for everyday athletes."

Aethics products are grown and processed at Strasburg Pharms to the highest natural standards under the Strasburg Certified program. Aethics processing is done in-house without the use of harsh solvents or chemicals. With the use of food grade ethanol, our cold fusion extraction process ensures that all CBD molecules are properly activated and filtered for the purest CBD product available.  Every batch is tested by third-party laboratories assuring the accurate amount of CBD is in each bottle of Aethics and all derived from the hemp plant making it a legal product to consume in all 50 states with the late-December passage of the Farm Bill – the Agricultural Act of 2018.

Aethics offers premium topical, tincture and hydration products today and a growing sports wellness product line that will include CBD-infused recovery K-tape, bath bombs, gels, protein powders and more.

  • H20 Balance: CBD Water for Sports Aethics' H2O Balance is the only 16.9oz CBD-infused water on the market with 12mg of hemp-derived CBD, achieving tasteless and odorless water with all the desired effects and benefits. Equipped with a first-of-its-kind dosage tracker, athletes can track how much CBD they are consuming. H2O Balance's per-bottle price is $3.99 and comes in a 24-pack for $94.95. A variety of flavored options will be available soon.
  • iV Recover: iV Recover is designed to help athletes bounce back quickly. The 2.5oz bottle features 25mg of CBD and is packed with caffeine, vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Currently available in berry flavor, iV Recover can be purchased individually ($4.99) or in a 6-pack ($29.95), 12-pack ($59.95) and 24-pack ($119.95).
  • iV Relax: iV Relax is designed to help with relaxation and sleep. The 2.5oz bottle features 25mg of CBD with kava powder, L-theanine and gamma aminobutyric acid. Currently available in grape flavor, iV Relax can be purchased individually ($4.99) or in a 6-pack ($29.95), 12-pack ($59.95) and 24-pack ($119.95) variety.
  • Performance Drops: Available in 500mg, 1,000mg and 2,000mg, Aethics' performance drops are made with a unique blend of hemp-derived CBD oil and coconut oil for an all-natural taste. These drops are a perfect way to achieve balance, relieve stress and anxiety, and assist in the recovery of injuries. They are available in Peppermint and Natural flavor and priced at $59.95, $89.95 and $119.95 respectively.
  • Muscle Rescue Lotion: CBD Muscle Rescue Lotion comes in a 4oz bottle and features 1,000mg of full spectrum CBD for immediate pain relief and soreness reduction designed to keep you in the game. It is available for $59.95.

For more information on Aethics and its full line of products, visit

About Aethics

Founded by a group of athletes, coaches and entrepreneurs, Aethics is the trusted source for active people in need of safe and effective alternatives to care for their body and mind and keep them in the game. Aethics is a Strasburg Certified seed-to-sale company, meaning consumers can take comfort in knowing the products they are using have been organically planted, grown, processed and sold by Aethics alone. To learn more about Aethics and purchase Aethics products, please visit

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