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HealthiVibe Forms Global Digital Patient Experience Lab

ARLINGTON, Va., Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- HealthiVibe LLC, as part of its mission to gather patient insights to optimize clinical trials, has formed a Digital Patient Experience (PX) Lab in response to the growing use of and demand for digital technology in clinical trials.

The Lab is being headed by Valerie Powell, MS, Vice President of Research Services. Under Powell's leadership, HealthiVibe is shaping the future of digital technology co-design with patients around the globe.  "Our clients come to us to gain insight into the patient experience regarding a variety of tools—wearables, mobile apps, virtual platforms, and more," said Powell. "Getting the patient perspective helps us to better understand patient preference and burden.  We're able to provide direct patient feedback to our clients, allowing them to implement digital tools in the most meaningful and effective way possible."

HealthiVibe's Digital PX Lab evaluates technology with real-life patients in real-life settings, either in patient homes or in one of the company's preferred partner state-of-the-art digital usability facilities across the globe.

"Our team of Research Scientists has experience implementing a variety of research methodologies and delivering actionable, patient-centered results to our clients," said Powell.  "We will leverage that experience in the Lab, along with our in-depth understanding of clinical trials and our work in over sixty countries across ninety indications, to help companies make smart decisions as they look to implement innovative trial technologies."

The goal of the Digital PX Lab is to ensure that patients are willing and able to use the technology in its intended environment, and that they can do so comfortably. Powell said, "Our evaluation of real-life, in-field device testing—including supportive technology for virtual trials—further enhances HealthiVibe's value to the industry."

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Last Updated: 23-Jan-2019