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Multiple Patent Approvals and The Pressing Need for Extreme Preterm Infant Medical Care Leads to Amnion Life's Initial Crowdfunding Success

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With its AmnioBed entering pre-clinical safety and device usability testing preceding clinical trials for FDA approval, Amnion Life, (, recently launched an awareness and equity raising campaign, ( In the first six weeks, they have nearly reached the early goal of $200,000 of a $1 million unaccredited investor target, as part of a $5 million overall Series A funding round.

Encouraged by the fundraising success, Amnion Life Founder and CEO Amir Fassihi, M.D. maintains the company's serious focus on developing better NICU solutions. There are an estimated 15 million annual premature births globally, with the number increasing more than 35 percent in the United States over the last 25 years. In 2016, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated there were 388,130 premature births, ranking the U.S. as sixth in the world.

"AmnioBed will offer improved thermoregulation, hydration, and skin protection, helping to reduce complications and save lives. Potentially improving the rate of weight gain and growth. Our solution may also significantly reduce direct costs of the NICU visit by decreasing complications associated with preterm birth while improving the infants' comfort," Fassihi said.

AmnioBed solutions should provide a simulated fluid environment similar to the mother's womb; ideally recreating a more familiar environment for infants born before their due date. These premature infant amniotic bath incubators can comprise an incubating tank with synthetic or simulated amniotic fluid, heating element(s), temperature sensor(s), and/or thermostat(s) for regulation.

Planned features:

Sterile Synthetic Amniotic Fluid: The synthetic amniotic fluid produced using purified water with the addition of electrolytes and minerals.

Six medical grade filters will work to eliminate harmful substances, bacteria, and viruses.

Built-in System for Temperature and Osmolality: Water will be warmed using a computerized system. Operators choose the level of osmolality – how one substance dissolves into another based on neonatologists orders.

Monitoring Cap: Infant skin temperature sensor, O2 monitoring sensor, plus openings for an ultrasound probe.

Sterile Bath Cover: Includes seat with a harness so infant cannot get fully submerged.

Fluid Depth Sensor: Will ensure fluid in the bath never goes above the chin.

Fluid Circulation: Through a UV filter and heat source for sterility and temperature.

Fluid Clarity Sensors: Detects defecate for automatic flushing and fluid replacement.

Monitor for Mother: Direct audio/video from inside the incubator to an app so the parents can have constant contact and infant can hear mother's voice or heartbeat if desired.

Patent information:
To protect its research & development efforts, Amnion Life's offerings are covered by U.S. Patents No. 9,662,257, 10,166,161 and 9662257B1 granted in November 2015, May 2017, and January 2019, respectively. A patent application for SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND DEVICES FOR ARTIFICIAL PLACENTAS AND AMNIOTIC BED INCUBATORS was accepted January 8, 2019.


Established in 2016, Amnion Life is a medical company in pursuit of innovative medical devices for infants and adults. The first of many envisioned products, the AmnioBed for preterm birth infants is in development, not FDA approved, nor available for sale. AmnioBed is a tradename of Amnion Life, LLC.

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Last Updated: 23-Jan-2019