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SensorRx Re-Introduces Migraine Coach™ App for Android and iOS

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Migraine sufferers who enjoyed the benefits of the Migraine Coach™ application can rest assured that the app is available once again and can be accessed on both Android and iOS. Created by the engineers of the original Migraine Coach together with top headache specialists, the popular migraine management tool returns transformed into a compact application combined with the functionality of a platform solution fully-integrated with health system electronic health record software.

Former Migraine Coach users simply need to download the new app from the App Store and reset their passwords to access their historical data. New users can download the app and quickly create a user profile to start tracking. There is no charge for the app.

Migraine Coach is a direct-to-consumer mobile app for migraine management. Intuitive, light-sensitive and simple to use, the app allows users to quickly track a migraine episode. Users gain insights through MIDAS scoring and customizable graphs and charts. They can sort and filter records by severity, duration, or other factors, and easily export PDFs to their physician. Migraine Coach integrates HealthKit for iOS which provides a valuable data source delivering deeply informed health solutions to users who provide permission for their app to share health data.

SensorRX, Inc., a leading provider of patient generated health data (PGHD) acquired the developer of the original Migraine Coach, Welltodo LLC, in August 2018 and has re-released the app to help as many migraineurs as possible easily track headaches to improve diagnosis and medication regimens. Migraine Coach's website,, provides access to the app, resources about migraines and serves as a general landing area for the large community of migraineurs. SensorRx plans to roll out more exciting features for the app in 2019.

Migraine Coach has helped tens of thousands of migraineurs with its iterative design principles and advanced algorithmic approach to tracking debilitating migraine headaches. "Our goal is to reduce the burden that migraines create for millions of people," said George McLendon, PhD, co-founder and chairman of the board for SensorRx. "Keeping a diary is an important part of proper diagnosis and treatment. Migraine Coach simplifies headache tracking and reporting," said Dr. McLendon.

Migraine headaches are the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world, affecting 12% of the population, according to the Migraine Research Foundation. Every 10 seconds a patient visits a U.S. emergency room, ranking migraines among the top five reasons for ER visits. Costs to treat migraine exceed $5.4 billion annually in the U.S.

About SensorRX
Charlotte, North Carolina-based SensorRx provides a patient-generated health data platform that uses the power of smartphones to improve patient outcomes. Migraine Coach™ tracks migraine headaches and much more with simple and intuitive design providing patients accurate, actionable data for a better understanding of their disease. 

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Last Updated: 23-Jan-2019