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Samahita Retreat Launches Groundbreaking Brain Health Upgrade Program

Samahita Retreat Launches Groundbreaking Brain Health Upgrade Program Taking brain health to the next level with a triple approach, so unique, Samahita launches Brain Health Upgrade.

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KOH SAMUI, Thailand, Jan. 25, 2019

KOH SAMUI, Thailand, Jan. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Samahita Retreat's Brain Health Upgrade program is a powerful combination of:

  • Natural Environment + Daily Classes + Special Brain Health Programming
  • All based on experience, expertise and research
  • To care for you brain, your body and your life energy

It is long known that exercise, good food and a healthy lifestyle, including time outdoors, are not only good for the body but also the brain. A stay at Samahita naturally provides this goodness in abundance at its tropical location in Thailand.

Time at the beachfront center alone is totally energizing energy from the natural light which is also key for brain health. Add that to the fresh air, great food, amazing line-up of 5 hours of classes in core, cycle, yoga, meditation and more, every day, and you have the combined effect of Samahita's environment, classes, and special programs to help improve personal energy units of ATP at billions per second. The Brain Health Upgrade program has tried to highlight this unique triple approach, hard to reproduce anywhere else.

The daily brain health sessions within the program include the latest technology such as light therapy for mitochondria enhancement, Audio-Visual Entrainment for brainwave modulation, and targeted meditation with biofeedback. All of these are guided and supported by one of Samahita's senior teachers. Guests go home not just feeling the effects of their brain upgrade, but empowered with a meditation practice to continue improving their brain function on their own.

Today, brain health issues are very prevalent, from concentration difficulties and brain fog, to the more serious diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's. Many of us are walking around with symptoms of poor brain health. The good news is that more knowledge is also being shared today from top neurosurgeons, psychologists and brain specialists. We have the capacity to prevent and even, in many cases, reverse the symptoms of all these issues, through diet and lifestyle. We are more aware than ever about what the human brain needs to function well including nutrition, light, sleep and exercise.

Samahita exists to inspire people to take care of their health and to kickstart transformation in their lives by providing knowledge, practical tools, a natural, supportive environment, and the guidance to do so. Brain Health Upgrade is their latest wellness program that directly tackles the brain issues that so many are experiencing today. It delivers real solutions in an all encompassing, well structured program within a beautiful setting.

About Samahita Retreat
Established in 2003, Samahita Retreat is an intimate yet vibrant beachfront retreat center hidden away from Thailand's busy tourist areas. Owned and directed by scientist, yogi and teacher, Paul Dallaghan, who was selected by Emory University's anthropology department, (Atlanta, GA, USA) for PhD work with a focus on the cultural and scientific aspects of yoga practice and knowledge, the retreat center is a friendly and inclusive spot for yoga and fitness holidays, yoga teacher training, detox, wellness programs, or simple relaxation.

Samahita Retreat is located at 55/20-24 Moo 4 Namuang, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84140, Thailand. To learn more, visit the website at, or email info(at)


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Last Updated: 25-Jan-2019