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Trivellini FUE Hair Transplant Revolutionary System Improves Hair Restoration Surgery Speeds and Results

Trivellini FUE Hair Transplant Revolutionary System Improves Hair Restoration Surgery Speeds and Results Trivellini Tech announces its new Trivellini System that provides improved speed and efficiency for FUE hair transplant patients.

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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24, 2019

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Trivellini Tech announces its new Trivellini System that improves both the speed and efficiency of FUE hair transplant. According to Dr. Trivellini, "This system provides our patients with improved results thanks to its multiphasic functions and mechanical suction."
When asked how the Trivellini device differs from other FUE machines, Dr. Trivellini said "the graft harvesting speed of the system is much higher than conventional FUE hair transplant systems that have been used in the past for hair restoration. While higher speeds might make it sound like the procedure is performed in a rushed manner, this is not the case. The increase in speed means the transplanted grafts are quickly moved and implanted in their new location on the scalp."

Dr. Parsa Mohebi, a hair transplant surgeon located in Beverly Hills says "FUE procedures have been gaining in popularity in the last several years. However, many doctors have been hesitant to offer it to most of their patients since the procedure has been viewed as being more laborious and time consuming. This impression is due to the fact that the number of grafts that could be transplanted in one session was small compared to more traditional hair restoration procedures. Thanks to Trivellini innovative technology, graft extraction is now the easiest part of a hair restoration procedure. Surgeons can extract 1000-2000 grafts in one hour during the majority of procedures. The system also offers great solutions for those with very curly hair such as African-American patients. One of the game-changing technologies that Trivellini System offers is harvesting follicular units with long hair that will change the way hair restoration is performed."

Dr. Trivellini founder of Trivellini Tech says "our research team is always looking to the future and constantly working to improve the technology we use for hair restoration. Trivellini System is the latest method that any hair transplant surgeon can utilize to provide patients with the hairline of their dreams."

About Trivellini Tech:
Trivellini Tech combines years of evolution and technological improvements in the fields of electronics and materials to create new devices for FUE hair transplant. Trivellini Tech (previously known as Mamba Instruments) was established in 2011 by Dr. Roberto Trivellini with the creation of the first vacuum assisted multiphasic FUE system. Since then, Trivellini system has added many cutting-edge technologies in the field of hair restoration making Trivellini Tech the most innovative medical technology firm in the field of hair restoration.


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