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Two Recent High School Graduates Take on Protein Bar Industry

Two Recent High School Graduates Take on Protein Bar Industry

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BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 25, 2019

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Two young entrepreneurs have developed a protein bar they say is better and healthier than the longtime mainstays in the protein bar market.

The GeoProtein bar, which in 2019 will expand its reach throughout the United States, has double the protein and fiber than the leading brands and is made from 100 percent whole foods with no artificial ingredients.

"I started exercising and became obsessed with personal fitness and nutrition," said Corey Nobile, CEO and founder of GeoProtein, which is located in North Andover, MA. "I would read the labels of every single food item I bought and research each ingredient that I didn't know.

"I could not find a consistently good brand that offered a variety of tasty and nutritious products," Corey said, adding also that none of the leading bars were resonating with the younger generation. "I did what any respectable entrepreneur would do. I decided to fill this gaping hole in the market and create a protein bar that met my standards and would appeal to the Gen Z/Millennial generations."

Corey spent eight months researching the market and scrutinizing products by leading brands before he developed his own GeoProtein Bar, which he said offers double the protein and fiber with half the sugar of his competitors.

"Just as significantly, GeoProtein bars are also made from 100 percent whole foods with no artificial ingredients. They are gluten-free, infused with prebiotics and have only 2g of saturated fats and 0g of trans fat," he said, adding that the bars are sweetened using Stevia.

After launching his company in 2016 and building a solid business foundation, Corey brought in his long-time friend and business partner, Nick Oliveri, to be his COO and to concentrate on sales. Corey and Nick met in sixth grade and have worked together for years on different ventures.

Did I forget to mention Corey and Nick are 18 years old?

When they met, Nick and Corey talked about the usual teenage topics of the day – business operations, starting companies, cash flow statements. They also took Algebra, English and History classes.

While in school, Corey built a veteran-and-military-appreciation-themed apparel brand, and Nick started his own mobile game development company.

"There were other ventures during high school," Nick said, adding that some even failed. "But it was these failures and experiences that gave us the ambition and knowledge to launch GeoProtein."

After high school, both Nick and Corey went to Bryant University in Rhode Island where their GeoProtein bars became a hit not only with students, but also with faculty and alumni. In their first semester, they were elected to the board of the Bryant Ventures Club.

"We are now looking to expand our sales in the United States," Nick said.

"We believe our GeoProtein bars will be successful because we created a product that does not sacrifice taste over nutrition or nutrition over taste," Corey said. "This is confirmed by our taste tests that shows our bars consistently out-perform the leading brands."

Right now, Nick said they have developed a Cookie Dough Prebiotic Protein bar, as well as a Sunflower Raisin Vitality Bar, but they are looking at other products.

"We know exactly what Millennials and Gen Z consumers want in a bar because we wanted it, too. This is superior nutrition for and by Millennials," Nick said.

For more information, visited GeoProtein's website.

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