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Dr. Johanan Rand of Healthy Aging Medical Centers: When Cutting-Edge Technology and Good Old-Fashioned Bedside Manner Meet

WEST ORANGE, N.J., Jan. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Healthy Aging Medical Centers is a nationally-renowned wellness facility led by Dr. Johanan Rand, MD.  There are a variety of wellness programs custom-tailored for each patient that are implemented to prevent diseases with the ultimate goal to allow one to age optimally and gracefully. These programs include GAINSWave, Stem Cell Therapy, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy. This is accomplished via proprietary blood testing to assess ones level of inflammation, oxidation, glycation, cardio-metabolic health, hormone levels, and a detailed face-to-face evaluation. 

Unlike the traditional medical approach, where patients are used to Doctors treating the symptoms, Healthy Aging Medical Centers' focus is to determine the underlying cause or trigger, therefore relying on a proactive instead of a reactive approach.  With the classic approach of treating diseases, patients' symptoms only improve for a short amount of time because the underlying disease is not being treated; this is more of a "bandaid" solution to their problems and slowly patients begin feeling worse once again. The staff at Healthy Aging Medical Centers addresses one's issues by getting to the "root" cause of the problems.  

Dr. Johanan Rand, MD is the founder and Medical Director; he understands just how important it is to care for the person as a whole. He is board certified in Antiaging Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, and Functional Medicine and is world-renowned as an expert in these fields and sexual wellness. Dr. Rand has treated thousands of patients who suffer from adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, cognitive decline, menopause, andropause, and cardio-metabolic issues. He is kind and understanding and takes pride in helping patients reach their health goals with an evidence-based medicine approach. 

Understanding the role that micronutrients and hormones impact one's health is key to preventing diseases associated with the aging process.  Genetic testing and evaluation is an intrinsic part of treating one's risk for diseases and understanding how gut health impacts overall health.  Patients are always impressed to see how much weight they have lost and how their body composition has shifted from higher to lower body fat.  Marked improvements are seen in all cardio-metabolic parameters using this holistic model.  Benefits are also seen when using higher levels of vitamins delivered via intra-venous route boosting ones immune system.  As Dr. Rand states: "You are never too old to feel young again."

Dr. Johanan Rand, M.D. | Medical Director
(973) 325-6400

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Last Updated: 28-Jan-2019