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Ketologie Wants to Help Make Americans Healthier

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ketologie, a Dallas-based health and wellness company and a leading advocate of the low-carb, high-fat Keto Diet, is trying to reverse a 40-year upward climb of type 2 diabetes and obesity in the U.S.

Ketologie is expanding the availability of its keto shakes and broths throughout the United States to help Americans get healthy.

Keto diet advocates view the iconic food pyramid introduced after the Dietary Goals for the United States were released in 1977 as a root cause for the astronomical increases in type 2 diabetes and obesity. The pyramid guidelines called for 60-70 percent carbohydrates, 25-30 percent protein and 5-10 percent fat.

"Since then, the rates of obesity and diabetes have skyrocketed," said Dr. Tracey King, founder of Ketologie which was developed from scratch in the United States.

Type-2 diabetes increases your risk for heart attacks, kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage and infections.

"I know from my own family the dangers of diabetes," Dr. King said. "People might think you have to be obese to get diabetes. It certainly dramatically increases your risk but others are at risk, too," Dr. King said. "My husband, James, looked perfectly healthy. He was an athlete and fitness trainer. But his father died from a massive heart attack at age 52."

Dr. King, a health psychologist, said she and their kids wanted to keep James around so she started researching how to combat diabetes and obesity. The research led her down many paths and finally to a low-carb regimen which she says reduces the risk of diabetes. The Keto Diet calls for 75 percent fat, 20 percent protein and less than 5 percent of carbs.

Dr. King developed her Ketologie products to make it easier for people to live a keto lifestyle.  In the early days of the diet, you had to make meals from scratch which included measuring all the ingredients.

"This was not easy for busy people." Dr. King said. "We needed to help people and we also knew if it wasn't easy and delicious, people would not use it."

Ketologie's all-natural products include chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes, collagen protein powder, roast chicken and smoky beef bone broths, and a unique line of probiotics with ketones.

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Last Updated: 29-Jan-2019