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Cannassure Therapeutics Announces Strategic Partnership With Cannika Holdings

ASHDOD, Israel, Jan. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Cannassure Therapeutics (TASE: CSURE) announces its collaboration with Cannika Holdings, an agritech incubator specializing in cannabis innovation.  Cannika will operate out of the Cannassure campus, utilizing their many facilities that are designed to meet the highest regulatory standards. Start-ups joining the incubator will benefit from an extensive research platform and a community of scientists, researchers, and business professionals.  Cannika will provide medical cannabis start-ups with a complete R&D ecosystem that provides scientific financial and business expertise to advance cannabis related initiatives from concept to commercialization. 

Nir Peles, Interim Chairman of Cannassure, commented: "We are delighted about this collaboration with Cannika.  We are committed to medical cannabis innovation for the purpose of enhancing treatment and improving the quality of life of people worldwide with medical cannabis products.  Having a cannabis technological incubator on our campus is directly in line with our strategy, activity and goals.  Cannika's leadership team has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of agritech, science, and business development which gives them the ability to support early stage, cannabis initiatives and fast track their path to successful commercialization." 

Hadar Less, Cannika CEO stated, "We are thrilled to partner with Cannassure, a company devoted to R&D and innovation.  Cannassure has all the necessary permits and facilities to harbor cannabis innovation.  They are building a regulatory compliant state-of-the-art indoor grow facility and extraction and manufacturing facility in addition to their fully operational, scientifically advanced laboratory.  Partnering with Cannassure facilitates Cannika's goal of establishing an independent fully licensed R&D facility and enables start-up companies and entrepreneurs to develop and bring technology innovation to the medical cannabis field."

About Cannassure Ltd
Cannassure Therapeutics Ltd. is a subsidiary of Solbar Food Technologies Ltd., a 57 year-old producer of plant based raw materials and solutions for the food and food additives industries. Cannassure holds all the approvals required for establishing a vertically integrated medical cannabis operation and is working in all these areas from breeding, cultivation, extraction, storage, packaging and distribution.

About Cannika Holdings
Cannika funds, cultivates, and commercializes technologies for the cannabis industry. A unique R&D platform that includes a licensed grow area, labs, access to an expertise network, and other resources provides a complete ecosystem to early stage companies and initiatives. Cannika is headquartered in Israel, the beating heart of scientific and technology innovation in this field. Led by a well-rounded team of experienced business, financial, and scientific experts, Cannika is focused on advancing the evolution of the cannabis industry.

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Ran Amir, CEO Cannassure

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Last Updated: 31-Jan-2019