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IntoCell Announces Publication of Korean Patent Application for OHPAS Linker Technology for Antibody Drug Conjugates

DAEJEON, South Korea, January 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

IntoCell, Inc., a Korea-based biotechnology company dedicated to the development and commercialisation of novel antibody drug conjugate (ADC) platform technologies, today announced the publication of its patent application in Korea titled "Compounds Comprising Cleavable Linker and Uses Thereof" (Application No. KR 10-2018-0076708; PCT/IB2018/000847; US 62/597,226). The patent is IntoCell's second to be published and is part of its strong IP portfolio to protect both its novel linker technology and proprietary benzodiazepine payloads.

IntoCell's Chief Executive Officer, Tae Kyo Park, stated, "Publication of this Korean patent by the Korean Intellectual Property Office is an important step in securing IntoCell's cutting-edge linker technology and we are excited to continue our mission to deliver better targeted and more potent therapies to patients with high unmet medical needs." IntoCell expects the publication of further patents over the coming months as it continues to advance its novel linker and benzodiazepine payload technologies.

About OHPAS Linker 

IntoCell has developed a novel self-immolative Ortho-Hydroxy Protected Aryl Sulfate (OHPAS) linker that works with a wide variety of functional groups, triggering groups, and both phenolic and non-phenolic payloads. The system works by temporarily masking the ortho-hydroxy group which upon triggering participates in intramolecular cyclization, efficiently liberating the appended payload. The resulting ADCs have proven to be highly stable in chemical and biological environments and have demonstrated excellent potencies in-vitro and in-vivo. This highly flexible cleavage chemistry allows rate of release to be tuned depending on desired release time, enabling both rapid and extended release of the payload. Assembly of the OHPAS system is convergent: coupling of fluorosulfonate and arylsilyl ether gives desired diarylsulfate system. The reaction is very selective toward arylsilyl ether, akin to click chemistry, no other functional group(s) interferes, thus minimal protection and deprotection chemistry is required. The synthesis is also expected to be scalable to commercial requirements.

About IntoCell 

IntoCell is a Korea-based biotechnology company dedicated to the development and commercialisation of novel ADC platform technologies comprising scaffold moiety, ligands, toxins, linkers and conjugation methods. In addition to its OHPAS linker, the company has also successfully developed and tested its own proprietary benzodiazepines (BD) to overcome the challenges of existing BD toxins including their lack of conjugatable functional groups and their poor aqueous solubility. IntoCell is currently seeking research and development partners interested in licensing its ADC platform technologies. It is open to discussing exploratory pilot and feasibility studies for its cleavage chemistry focused linker technology and its novel benzodiazepine payloads.

PharmaVentures Ltd. 

IntoCell has engaged PharmaVentures Ltd., ("PV"), the leading worldwide experts in deals and alliances for the Pharmaceutical Industry. PV's role is to assist IntoCell in partnering its novel, self-immolative OHPAS linker, payloads and other conjugation technologies.

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IntoCell, Inc.
Tae Kyo Park, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

PharmaVentures Ltd.
Stephen Waterman, Ph.D.
Managing Director

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