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LifeOmic launches first-ever National Fasting February

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- LifeOmic, creators of the LIFE Fasting Tracker app, today along with National Day Calendar announced National Fasting February. During February, observers can celebrate the benefits of intermittent fasting and test out a fasting schedule that fits their lifestyle.

National Fasting February highlights the importance of maintaining and improving one's metabolic health, an underlying factor for diseases like diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's. LIFE Fasting Tracker enables users to track their eating habits, monitor mood and record their weight. Users can also share their progress and activity within the LIFE social network and utilize the app's extensive library of scientific-based educational content provided by the LifeOmic LIFE Apps site.

"We're excited for the public to participate in Fasting February by learning about intermittent fasting and trying one of the science-backed ways to practice fasting for metabolic health," said Don Brown, CEO of LifeOmic. "While many people are aware of the weight loss benefits associated with fasting, we hope to shed light on the variety of other benefits that come with intermittent fasting, including anti-aging and increased energy."

To join National Fasting February, download the LIFE Fasting Tracker app on iOS or Android, choose a fasting schedule that best fits your lifestyle and begin sharing your experiences with others using the hashtag #NationalFastingFebruary. To share their fasting goals and progress, users are also encouraged to join the official Fasting February LIFE Circle here.

User data is securely stored on LifeOmic's Precision Health Cloud, a HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF© Certified platform that ensures the safe keeping of all provided metrics and information. As a result, users can safely share their data with healthcare providers and researchers via the Precision Health Cloud to better inform care plans and decisions. Learn more at: and download the app for iOS and Android.

About LifeOmic:

LifeOmic is a software company that leverages the cloud, machine learning and mobile devices to power precision health solutions for providers, researchers, healthcare IT, pharma and individuals. Our cloud-based software securely aggregates, stores and analyzes patient data to accelerate the development and delivery of precision health treatments. LifeOmic's core competency is the Precision Health Cloud, a cloud-based repository of all patient data such as a basic profile, whole genome sequences, gene expression levels, lab results, medical images and more. The company's product lines also include security software platform JupiterOne and consumer-centric LIFE mobile apps.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, LifeOmic was created by serial entrepreneur Don Brown and boasts a team of esteemed engineers, scientists and security specialists.

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Last Updated: 31-Jan-2019