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Six.02 Bioservices Launches as New Model for Providing Best-in-Class Bioservices for Protein-Based R&D

ROCKVILLE, Md., Jan. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Six.02 Bioservices is pleased to announce its launch as a new approach for providing bioservices to innovators pursuing protein-based research and product development. Six.02 is bringing various specialty companies together under one management organization to deliver a coordinated continuum of best-in-class services that will enable protein-based innovators to optimize productivity and mitigate risk in their discovery, development, and manufacturing programs.

"Protein production is notoriously complex. Our goal is to create a more efficient and reliable contract services model for innovators tackling the challenges of protein-based research and product development," said Six.02 Bioservices Partner, Michael Keefe. "We've modeled Six.02 specifically to provide a coordinated pathway of bioservices from best-in-class providers, spanning concept through early-phase manufacturing, with consistent hallmarks of unsurpassed quality, efficiency, and communication. This approach is a paradigm shift in the bioservices industry that we hope will create greater value and service satisfaction for innovators developing human and veterinary biopharmaceuticals and vaccines as well as diagnostics across the life sciences."

The growing success of protein-based products is driving increased demand for services that support the design, synthesis, expression, quantification, modification, and production of proteins and protein-related molecules. Since proteins are generated in living cells, protein production can be highly complex, often requiring post-translational modifications to enhance their bio-activity. Expressing proteins in quantity and developing sophisticated purification processes that will ensure purity while retaining activity and yield can present challenges that require expertise to resolve in a short time frame.

Six.02 is acquiring companies that specialize in:

Protein expression and development services

Protein synthesis and engineering services

Proteomic services

Antibody development and generation services

Analytical services related to proteins

Small-scale, single-use GMP services

Reagent products (antibodies and other proteins)

Diagnostic assay products

Formulation, stability, and drug delivery services

Packaging services, including fill/finish and lyophilization

The executive team at Six.02 Bioservices is led by Michael Keefe, David Hicks, and Patrick Keefe, all veteran entrepreneurs with deep experience leading bioservices and life sciences companies.

About Six.02 Bioservices (
Six.02 Bioservices is holding company focused on acquiring and managing a family of companies that will provide a continuum of best-in-class research services and products to life sciences innovators developing protein-based human and veterinary biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, as well as diagnostics across the life sciences.

The Six.02 Bioservices name reflects Avogadro's number (6.023 x 1023), defined as the number of atoms or molecules per mole of any substance. The mole is a bridge between our world and the macroscopic world—for example, a protein is 3x10-9 moles. Six.02 Bioservices was incorporated in 2018 on Mole Day (October 23), a date celebrated between 6:02 a.m. and 6:02 p.m. by scientists around the world.

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