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VSee Telehealth System for NASA Space Station Keynotes for Arab Health Innov8

VSee Telehealth System for NASA Space Station Keynotes for Arab Health Innov8 Dr. Milton Chen, CEO of VSee telehealth, will give the keynote at Arab Health Innov8 on Thurs., Jan. 31, 2019, 12 noon, sharing "11 Telehealth Secrets After 1000 Deployments"

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 30, 2019

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Dr. Milton Chen, CEO of VSee -- the telehealth system for NASA Space Station, Walgreens and 1200+, will be giving the final opening keynote talk at Arab Health Innov8 today Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 12 noon. His talk will cover "Eleven Telehealth Secrets After 1000 Deployments."

Arab Health, January 28-31, 2019 in Dubai, is the premier health care event in the MENA region with over 80,000 attendees, 4150+ exhibitors, 11 CME conferences, and over 160 countries represented.

The Arab Health Innov8 program features four days of talks from Microsoft, IBM Watson, etc. on healthcare innovations such as genomics and personalized health, medical translation, regeneration and cell therapy, AI doctors as well as 8x8 minute startup pitches each day.

Dr. Chen says, "Telehealth is a crucial piece in solving today's high health costs, care delivery inefficiencies, and physician shortages in any country. The Middle East has all the ingredients for telehealth to really take off; it's in the perfect storm of unsustainable health care needs, consumer readiness, and an extensive telecom infrastructure."

Telehealth or telemedicine is a mode of health care delivery which allows care to be provided when the patient and provider are not in the same location. It has been an area of high interest in the MENA region for many years to alleviate the strain on healthcare systems in the Middle East.

United Arab Emirate residents are one of the highest users of hospital outpatient services (typically the ER) around the world at nearly 12 times a year. These are often for non-urgent services such as prescription renewals and pre-marital screenings. These visits divert hospital resources from urgent cases and cost an estimated $1200 of unnecessary spend per resident per year.

Eight of the regions countries also have the highest obesity ratios globally at 27 to 40%. And a new report estimates a growth in diabetic patients of 110% to 82 million by 2045. This will significantly impact mortality, cause a loss of productivity (GDP), increase healthcare expenditure, and strain healthcare resources.

One of the main barriers to telehealth in the MENA region is a lack of consistent regulations, especially the inability of healthcare providers to prescribe medication for patients without an in-person encounter. Despite this, telehealth shows promise of faster uptake with the general public's more open attitude towards technology as well as the examples it already has from other countries such as the US.

Dr. Chen will be sharing his experiences and insights into successfully launching telehealth programs for the MENA region. Dr. Chen has personally traveled to Iraq twice to deploy telemedicine. He has also been to Syria, Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia on humanitarian trips. He completed his doctorate at Stanford on the human factors and psychology of videoconferencing and has been the keynote for Health 2.0 Japan and 100+ invited talks worldwide.

Dr. Chen and the VSee team will also be showing inside the Dubai Ministry of Health and Prevention booth in Hall 5, H5.C30. They will be demonstrating Smart Health Gate and radar technology that allows accurately capturing vitals and health data such as temperature, heart rate, emotional state -- without touching passengers.

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VSee is the telehealth system for NASA Space Station, Walgreens, MDLIVE, DaVita, Trinity, Ascension and 1200+. It is dedicated to creating care delivery solutions so doctors can love doing medicine again. VSee is also the parent of a 4K medical group, This American Doc--a physician-owned airbnb-like marketplace for telehealth staffing. VSee is known for its simple design, robust technology, highly versatile solutions, and personalized service. Visit


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Last Updated: 31-Jan-2019