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Americans Don’t take Pain Of Girls That Much Seriously.

Sometimes a health study finds those exciting and eye-opening things which one can’t expect to see, and that’s what happened recently. In a health study, it’s been found that many Americans will try to judge a person’s pain by looking at their gender, i.e. if you’re a boy then they will care more about your pain and problems. However, if you’re a girl, then there’s a relatively less chance that people will ask you about how do you feel. In a health study the adults were shown a videotape of a small boy and girls who were getting finger prick tests and adults were asked about what they feel about the pain these little children are getting. Surprisingly more than 50% adults aged between 18-74 said that they think the boy was getting more pain than girl by looking at his reaction. It seems like the old belief that boys are stronger than girls have now gone and now people are considering the pain of boys also.

The researchers tried to find out various aspects of this study because they were mainly concerned whether most of the peoples are biased or not. Some people believe that there could be racism behind such type of judgment because a person who is of the minority might be perceived by the people differently than a normal kid. Health experts think that most of the times adults believe the pain of a child from their perspective only like if an adult is healthy they might feel that the other person who is going through pain might also have the same strength as they do and this could also be the reason behind such different opinion.

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Last Updated: 06-Feb-2019