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Let's see the "unseen" with Applied Microbiology 2019

As the title of this article depicts, we are extending the opportunity to see or observe that can’t generally be seen through naked eyes i.e., micro-organisms.

Micro-organisms, often mistaken as our enemies, we forget numerous advantages we get from them in our daily life. From our food to medicine, environment to industries and agriculture, microbes have been involved in every sphere to help mankind. With an aim of promoting research in microbiology, we are approaching researchers and professionals at 3rd World Congress on Applied Microbiology, based on the theme of “Emerging Trends and Innovations in Microbial Research”.

The event will be held at Brussels, Belgium during May 15-16, 2019.

Submit your abstract to share your knowledge with us and we will publish it in one of our supporting journals:

  • Journal of Medical Microbiology Reports
  • Infectious Diseases: Prevention and Control Journal
  • HIV and AIDS Research Journal
  • Journal of Infectious Diseases and Immune Therapies
  • Journal of Virology and Antiviral Research

After approval of your abstract by our Organizing Committee Members you can proceed for registration to reserve your slot for speaker. You can also register as delegate (abstract submission not required) to witness the interesting workshop, symposium, poster presentations, etc at the event.

Our Honorable Organizing Committee Members: Hassan Abdullah Hemeg (Saudi Arabia), Elisa Bona (Italy), Giulio Tarro (Italy), Ian James Martin (Australia), Segundo Mesa Castillo (Cuba), Ahmed Gaffer Hegazi (Egypt), Mohammad Mahmoud Effat (Egypt), Dhaval Kumar Acharya (India), Jacques Thierie (Belgium)

For more information, visit:

For abstract submission:

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Last Updated: 09-Apr-2019