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BeneCard PBF Delivers 2018 Prescription Drug Trend Of Less Than 1%, Including Specialty

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla., Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BeneCard PBF, a pharmacist-founded PBM dedicated to lowering costs, offering pure transparency and putting patients' needs first, has delivered an annual trend of 1% or less for the past three years. The company's focus on improving clinical outcomes has resulted in a 0.86% prescription drug trend in 2018, including specialty.

BeneCard PBF's trend is less than one-tenth of the 10.3% overall PBM industry trend as projected by Segal Consulting. For specialty alone, Segal projected a trend of 17.7%. BeneCard PBF surpassed industry expectations, with a specialty trend of just 8.91%.

These trend figures are a direct result of BeneCard PBF's innovative clinical programs that prioritize patient health outcomes while employing our portfolio of cost containment strategies. The company places pharmacists at the center of care coordination, empowering them with comprehensive patient health profiles. This allows pharmacists to work together with patients and their prescribers to find the most effective treatments for patients at the lowest net cost. Clinical programs such as BeneCard PBF's advanced opioid management strategy and BenePrecise Pharmacogenetics can be applied at the point of sale to prevent unnecessary and inappropriate prescription utilization.

"Our pharmacists help patients enjoy a better quality of life by putting their health first. This is what ultimately delivers appreciably lower prescription trends in the industry," says Michael Perry, President of BeneCard PBF. "Pharmacists are one of the most underutilized resources in healthcare. By giving them the tools they need to guide patients to the safest, most effective treatment, we lower overall healthcare costs for patients and their plan sponsors. We've built a proprietary, win-win PBM model."

About BeneCard PBF
BeneCard PBF approaches the industry from a different perspective – one that puts patients, not profits, first. The company positions pharmacists at the center of care coordination, applying a holistic view of patient health to innovative clinical programs that improve health outcomes while decreasing overall costs.  A transparent, independent PBM, BeneCard PBF consistently delivers trend numbers that outperform the industry average. This enables the company to deliver cost savings coupled with a higher standard of care.

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