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Nest Collaborative Introduces the First Online Lactation Resource and Platform Covered by Health Insurance

Nest Collaborative Introduces the First Online Lactation Resource and Platform Covered by Health Insurance Founded by Amanda Gorman, Nest Collaborative sets the standard in driving trust and confidence in breastfeeding by providing mothers lactation support

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BALTIMORE, Feb. 06, 2019

BALTIMORE, Feb. 06, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Nest Collaborative, a health technology platform, is solving the health industry's ability to reach women, families, and employers about the overwhelming evidence of health benefits that breastfeeding provides babies, children, and mothers by delivering a platform that connects women with board-certified lactation professionals. The platform accepts most health care plans including significant discounts for women using Medicaid.

"Leveraging IoT, health facts, lactation support, and technologies, Nest Collaborative's platform creates an information, education and support ecosystem that under a model evidenced to improve success rates drives trust and confidence in breastfeeding," stated Founder and CEO of Nest Collaborative, Amanda Gorman. "What we've created in this new platform is crucial if women are to successfully and confidently breastfeed throughout the first six months to the first year of their babies' lives," she added. Gorman cites a recent Center for Disease Control (CDC) study that found that the vast majority of women, over 80 percent want and try to breastfeed, but most of them fail with 70 percent of them unable to meet minimal recommendations. of women try breastfeeding and 70 percent of the fail during the first-year period leaving babies susceptible to sudden infant death, ear/respiratory infections, asthma, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases later in childhood. And, mothers who don't breastfeed are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer, according to a report in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)."The benefits are indisputable which underscores why many reaching as many people about breastfeeding is important."

Nest Collaborative enables women to easily access the platform's lactation support through a team of board-certified lactation professionals. For example, mothers who are faced with transitioning from the hospital to the home, adapting to the first week of feeding, nipple soreness, engorgement, and others who are new-to-breastfeeding, can have their common concerns addressed early, before they become problems, increasing their chances of failure. Also, second-time moms can experience challenges with their next babies that they didn't have before. The platform connects women to immediate help by making a date and time they'd like to meet with a lactation professional. A confirmation is sent via email and health care coverage is confirmed before the appointment is confirmed lactation professional contacts the user. Once the appointment is confirmed, the mother will receive a link to join the visit at the designated time. The only requirement is that users have access to Wifi. From there the two can discuss from an array of lactation support issues which can guide and support mothers to successful breastfeeding.

"I can't think of anything that prepares an infant for a healthy childhood more than nursing with mother's milk," said Ann Bennett, IBCLC who has been a lactation professional for 15 years and a team member at Nest Collaborative. "This is one of the reasons I love the work I do, helping women who want to breastfeed, do so regardless despite the barriers they face today due to income, having to return to work, or the support they may or may not even have at home to breastfeed their babies."

The NCBI report also pointed to biases faced by African American women and Hispanic women. In a recent study, data showed that many of these women do not initiate breastfeeding in comparison to white women who do so in higher numbers. Often African American and Hispanic women workplaces where there is little, if any, lactation support offered. Moreover, despite the fact that lactation support is covered under the Affordable Care Act and other health plans, too many health care organizations, and insurers sources departments fail to adequately communicate to families that it is covered at all. And, many employers don't share this valuable benefit with employees because they are not at all aware lactation support is covered.

"We're delighted about Nest Collaborative," Gorman added. "More important, we're looking to expand and grow the numbers of women who successfully breastfeed their babies, and are convinced that technology will help us meet this goal."

About Nest Collaborative: Nest Collaborative is a collection of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants® who conduct online, video appointments to help guide moms through the breastfeeding process. Commercial insurance plans will cover these appointments at 100% – no copay, no deductible. Our expert team provides lactation support for prenatal and postpartum moms, during any stage from beginning to end. Visit to learn more.


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