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PIOUS AYURVEDA Announces Release of its Revolutionary Book 'SAVE YOUR HEADMASTER'

PANCHKULA, India, February 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

PIOUS AYURVEDA announces release of its revolutionary book 'SAVE YOUR HEADMASTER' which is all about protecting the brain and body from harmful effects of radiations emanating from mobile phones and other electronic gadgets (Electromagnetic Radiations). This book has been written by Dr. Shaleen Singh with co-author Dr. Inderjit Kaur, both are managing partners of M/s. Shaleen Pharmaceuticals, parent company of PIOUS AYURVEDA.

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The book is based on the detailed study of 500 patients; and covers topics over:

- Mode of affect of the radiations from mobile phones and from other electronic gadgets to which people are exposed 24x7 and how they slowly intervene into various systems and affect the physiological functioning of the body leading to pathological changes causing diseases

- How the exposure to the radiations leads to brain and other immune deficiency diseases; leading to various problems in growth of children

- The detailed prognosis of action of these radiations on the physiological functioning of body  

The authors have done full pulse analysis and documented every single analysis, and have put together all the investigations which were done before and after treatment. The full prognosis (Ayurvedic view) of affects have been made about how the radiations affect all the physiological functioning of the body and at which step one can protect themselves and their loved ones from this slow poison.

This book also elaborates all the therapeutic measures and precautions people should follow to save themselves from the harmful effects of radiation.

The book presents the details of PIOUS OIL, a unique research product by PIOUS AYURVEDA ( which was extensively used to treat patients suffering from various disorders. Pious oil is a combination of seven oils: which have pacifying affects and have brain toning affects. Pious Oil, first of its kind of innovative product by Shaleen Pharmaceuticals had been launched across India in 2016. It would be available online at and on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

The case studies have been very well documented in the book 'SAVE YOUR HEADMASTER'.

This book is now available for purchasing at Amazon (

About Authors and Shaleen Pharmaceuticals:  

Dr. Shaleen Singh and Dr. Inderjit Kaur are the Managing Partners of Shaleen Pharmaceuticals. Both being ayurveda graduates and physicians have in-depth expertise in clinical treatment and scientific approach for the products.

Dr. Shaleen Singh has been an active member in Haryana State Ayurvedic Medicine Advisory Board for more than last 10 years, and has been involved in development of different Herbal and Rasayan Formulations.

Dr. Inderjit Kaur has passion for developing medicines which are good for the maintenance of a healthy life. She has interest in the allied sciences of Vedas like Astrology, Aura scanning, vastu and naturopathy also and with the help of all these sciences she has developed a product called 'PIOUS ELEMENTS' to take care of the health of a healthy person. She incorporated the essence of every science into Ayurveda. Her aim is to help everyone lead a healthy and disease-free life. In her practice of Ayurvedic medicines, she councils patients how to stay healthy and positive even while facing problems.

Shaleen pharmaceuticals has been synonymous with best Ayurveda medicines and for creating wellness products and also very well known for launching PRO-ACTIVE products for the different disorders of human body, as they principally work on the first aim of ayurveda i.e. 'Swasthasya swasthya rakshnam' which means - to take care of the health of a healthy person and second aim i.e. 'Aaturasya vikaar prashamnam' that is to take care of ailments.

Shaleen pharmaceuticals provide best products for curing diseases as well as to stay healthy, as they work on the balancing of dosha. It has also launched the online consultation services where anyone can mail their problems and after reading and analysing we provide the best of consultations. Tele-ayurveda clinic enables real-time multi-location connectivity, where the problems from the people across the globe are solved.

Moreover, the brand is well known as a philanthropic work for underprivileged sections of the society and Diabetic neuropathic patients, to get free treatment.

For further details you can Contact:
Dr. Inderjit Kaur
Managing Partner
Shaleen Pharmaceuticals
Ph. - +91-9216777272

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