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Prosoria Psoriasis Treatment Brings Top Results to Desperate Market

FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Prosoria, a clinically proven, powerful and safe over-the-counter treatment option that includes a combination of clinical strength and natural ingredients and can be conveniently applied just once per day for full effectiveness has crossed a tipping point. After five years of design and two years in development, the company is now shipping thousands of units to customers nationwide.

Persistent Problems
Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that results in excessive growth of skin cells. Affecting over 125 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, psoriasis can strike anywhere on the body, with any amount of surface coverage, and yields thick red skin patches and scaling. Beyond itching, pain, and increased risk of infection, psoriasis victims face incessant social worries, especially embarrassment and isolation.

Psoriasis treatments follow the same basic approach to remediation: remove scales, inhibit excessive skin growth and control inflammation. However, conventional treatment options each suffer from their own limitations.

Other than the new biologics for severe psoriasis, very little has changed in psoriasis treatments over the last 50 years. While the vast majority of psoriasis sufferers are unsatisfied with their treatment options, they have had little to no recourse.

Prosoria: A Fresh Approach

For mild to moderate psoriasis sufferers looking for topical treatment, Prosoria offers a superior, sustainable way to control symptoms without the common complaints that plague other options.

Prosoria delivers a more powerful approach needed when treating a tougher condition like psoriasis, but safely. Prosoria harnesses the effectiveness of combination therapy along with potent psoriasis fighting ingredients that relieve psoriasis symptoms and help control future flares. The system was carefully designed to treat specific symptoms and work synergistically. According to Art Clapp, president and CEO of Prosoria manufacturer Nuvothera, Inc. "The secret is the system. The power is in the combination."

Prosoria is the market's first once-daily treatment system for psoriasis employing a powerful combination treatment approach. Prosoria's all in one treatment system includes individual products that are easy and convenient for once daily use and take less than 60 seconds to apply. 

"Our passion for how our products can impact people's lives is what drives us," said Bev Hope, Director of Marketing at Nuvothera, Inc. "Nothing makes us happier than hearing from our Prosoria users and seeing their amazing results."

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