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Animal Genetics Market : Overview, Growth Factors and Competitive Players till 2028

Global Animal Genetics Market Analysis Trends, Applications, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast to 2027. is a recent report generated by, which offers in-depth insights, revenue details, and other vital information regarding the global animal genetics market, and the various trends, drivers, restraints, opportunities, and threats in the target market till 2027. The report offers insightful and detailed information regarding the various key players operating in the market, their financials, supply chain trends, technological innovations, key developments, apart from future strategies, acquisitions & mergers, and market footprint. The global animal genetics market report has been segmented on the basis of animal type, genetic material, testing service, and region.

This report is based on synthesis, analysis, and interpretation of information gathered regarding the target market from various sources. Our analysts have analyzed the information and data and gained insights using a mix of primary and secondary research efforts with the primary objective to provide a holistic view of the global market. In addition, an in-house study has been made of the global economic conditions and other economic indicators and factors to assess their respective impact on the global animal genetics market historically, as well as the current impact in order to make informed forecasts about the scenarios in future.

Animal genetics involves study of heredity in animals. Animal genetics is the study of color, genetics, gene expression, and animal breeding for wide area of applications and is mainly focused on passing of traits from one generation to the next.

Increasing consumption of animal-derived protein based dietary supplements and food among individuals across the globe are key factors expected to drive growth of the global animal genetics market during the forecast period. Rising disposable income, growing global population, rapid urbanization, and changing food consumption habits of individuals across the globe are some other factors expected to support growth of the target market in the near future.

In addition, increasing evolution in omics using advanced genetic technologies for cattle beef feeding owing to various benefits offered by animal genetics such as increased seed stock and cattle production is expected to boost growth of the global market. In addition, increasing focus on identifying superior breeds in breeding stock by genetic engineering to achieve high reproduction rate is another factor expected to fuel growth of the global animal genetics market in the next 10 years.

However, stringent rules and regulations associated with animal breeding programs and genetic engineering experiments and lack of skilled professionals in veterinary research field are some factors expected to restrain growth of the global animal genetics market over the forecast period.

Continuous launch of new supplementary products for animal breeding in order to cater the growing demand for varied breeding needs and rising innovation in phenotyping services by leading players are some key trends witnessed currently in the target market.

Segmental Analysis:

On the basis of animal type, the porcine segment is expected to dominate the target market, owing to growing demand for lean pork meat and increasing consumption and production of live porcine across the globe.

On the basis of genetic material, the semen segment is expected to dominate the target market, owing to increasing utilization of artificial insemination and semen sexing in breeding of livestock in the swine industry across the globe.

On the basis of testing service, the genetic disease tests segment is expected to dominate the target market, owing to increasing adoption of genomic disease tests services among farmers to prevent productivity loss of livestock across the globe.

Global Animal Genetics Market Segmentation:

Segmentation by animal type:

  • Poultry

  • Porcine

  • Bovine

  • Canine

Segmentation by genetic material:

  • Semen

    • Bovine Semen

    • Porcine Semen

    • Equine Semen

    • Canine Semen

  • Embryos

    • Bovine Embryos

    • Equine Embryos

Segmentation by testing service:

  • DNA Typing

  • Genetic Trait Tests

  • Genetic Disease Tests

  • Other (Prenatal Testing, Diagnostic Testing, Predictive and Presymptomatic Testing, Forensic Testing)

Segmentation by region:

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • Latin America

  • Middle East & Africa

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Last Updated: 28-Feb-2019