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Kids With Phobias get help to Overcome Fears with Virtual Reality Room

Kids with the condition of Autism have a very difficult time overcoming their phobias. It is often seen that therapies that have been used traditionally do not bring out the desired outcome. Undertaking this challenge, researchers at Newcastle University in England have been working on a virtual reality system. The system is being tested by them and has given impressive results.

Newcastle has worked in collaboration with Third Eye Neuro Tech; a company close to the university, to develop the virtual reality system, namely The Blue Room. Similar to the original CAVE invented decades ago, the new system is a room which is designed in a manner that lets the user be inside a 360 degree virtual environment and interact with it in multiple ways.

The system is in no way trying to push the bounds of realism, thus does not require the user to wear 3D glasses. Instead, it simply nudges children rather gently, to face the objects that are responsible for their phobias, allowing them to have full control of the situation via a tablet computer, simultaneously. For instance, in case a cat is the object of fear for the child, it can be made to disappear within a second, giving the child the opportunity to feel confident and bold with everything they are dealing with.

According to a study published by the researchers at Newcastle University, it was revealed that through the research, 40% of the children receiving treatment demonstrated improvement of symptoms in two weeks after the treatment began. Furthermore, the improvement continued up till six months of the same lot of children, proving that the effects of the therapy tend to last as it works.


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Last Updated: 20-Mar-2019